Wednesday, October 21, 2009

free wedding event!

Is anyone else going to the Betsy Robinson's event tomorrow? I'm going with my bridesmaids to check out some of the Watters line (I love Watters dresses.)
Robinson's is where my sister got her dress and also where I first went to do dress recon. The salespeople are really good about letting you go through all their dresses, and they organize them by price. They have a wide selection, don't limit how many you can try on, let you prance around the entire shop in their dresses, and they don't tell people to quit playing with their veils.
Most of their gowns are at a slightly higher price point than a place like the Columbia Bridal Boutique (which also I highly recommend to anybody, esp. somebody who is looking for David's Bridal prices to say this diplomatically...would also like a gown that isn't scratchy and synthetic, and sales people that are attentive and polite. They also have a nice selection of plus-sized dresses. Oh, and they let you take pictures.)
Anyway, if you're going, let me know, maybe I'll see you there!

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