Monday, October 5, 2009

I did something naughty...

When I got home today, I was super excited to find an envelope with our e-pics in it on a CD. It melted away all my stress and discontent (midterms, parking ticket...and it's only Monday.)
I was in fact, so super excited, that I ripped open the envelope, turned on my computer, and hungrily looked at all of the pictures, giggling uncontrollably. They came out great! We look like us! We're having fun. It's fantastic.
Then I heard the key turn in the lock downstairs. And I realized something:

This is the kind of thing you are supposed to wait for your fiance to do!

Mark came into the office and I gave him my best "guilty & sorry face". I'm a terrible liar, so I couldn't pretend I hadn't looked at the pictures yet. I told him what happened and apologized and hoped I looked as ashamed as I felt. Mark looked dissapointed, and then he said, offended, "Am I going to be invited to your wedding?" Then I felt even worse, because he was right - for a minute there, I forgot that it is his wedding too! That he would be as excited as I was. In my excitement, I completely ignored his feelings. I felt terrible. This is the kind of thing that us feminist brides are supposed to shun! This is Bridezilla behavior! This is "the wedding is all about me!" thinking! This has it's origins in a "oh he won't care if I just take a little peek because he doesn't care about the wedding anyway" mentality.
So I'm now trying desperately to make up for it by being "good." Which means waiting for him to have some spare time to sort through the pictures and decide which ones we will show to people on the blog. Which is why you aren't going to see them yet.
Although since I'm already in trouble....
What was your unfeminist bridezilla moment in which you forgot the first two letters in "wedding" are "we"?


  1. I love when both partners take co-ownership of their wedding. It makes the experience more meaningful. And it's nice to have someone help with all the DIY projects, decision making and brainstorming.

    Good for you for wanting to make it up to your groom, but don't be too hard on yourself. I would have looked, too.

  2. Last night, Mark sat down and hand stamped 90% of our Save The Dates. I'm sure he appreciated having me help :-p.
    I read about weddings where the bride and her mother plan the whole thing and the groom shows up...I honestly don't know how that can possibly result in everybody being happy. In our case, Mark is super-involved and my mother is NID, so it works for us.

  3. Cant wait to see the rest of the pictures Ellie! I'm glad you two are planning the wedding together! My husband was one of those that left everything up to me.. and that kinda sucks.


  4. FOB is laughing out loud. It seems that wedding planning is now some kind of test to see if the relationship can work. I knew ours would work when I found out the MOB was a fair hand with a soldering iron and she found out I was fully qualified with a pressing iron.