Monday, October 12, 2009

In memoriam

I was pretty sad to see last week that Modern Bride is going to be closed down. Of all the bridal magazines I've picked up, it is the least terrible, has the most content (versus ads), and often runs fairly interesting articles. Plus, we found our venue as I leafed through the back of a bridal magazine, so I'm not anti-bridal magazine. (I am anti-buying-them-at-the-newsstand.*)
In memoriam of Modern Bride's sad and untimely demise, I will be doing a giveaway of wedding porn - a couple of pre-owned (within the last year) issues of Modern Bride, as well as a few other issues of other magazines and a copy of Eco-Chic weddings. Also the most recent edition of Brides magazine, which arrived just last Thursday (meaning it may not be on newsstands yet!)
To enter? Comment below with your name and the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen in a bridal magazine (the $2,000 dress for the bride on a budget, the $8 photo-frame favors, the bride that thought it was appropriate to treat her wedding like a costume party) OR you can comment with the coolest idea/advice/thing you've seen in a bridal magazine (idea for a mac & cheese station; advice to a bride that she should NOT encourage her bridesmaids to go to a tanning salon; feature article on brides starving themselves and why it's a bad thing.) If you've never read a bridal magazine, just hazard a guess as to what the ads::content ratio is.

*If you actually read this link, and you're wondering who Mr. M-A is, this blog was originally titled "A Mid-Atlantic Wedding" and I thought we might want to stay anonymous. Why did we change?


  1. This was sad to here. One of my bridesmaid gave me a subscription to these magazines as a gift. I heard about them closing on npr and they had an editor of one of the magazines on. She said they were blindsided by the decision.

  2. This news was really disappointing, Modern Bride was by far my favorite wedding magazine. On Christmas Morning there was a copy of Modern Bride in my stocking,courtesy of my fiance.

    One of the best things I've seen in a magazine was a profile of a wedding in which the bride had her flower girls go down the aisle in their favorite ballet tutus, after asking their opinion on what made them feel like princesses. You could tell how happy they were by the smiles on their faces in all the photos ;)