Monday, October 12, 2009


BM L. and I went shopping on Sunday morning at the farmer's market. I was hoping to find some nice local in-season flowers.
I was really disappointed. There was a lousy selection and not a lot of variety or great colors. We did find some neat flowers that I'll be attempting to self-bouquet and posting about later. I've also been totally intimidated by the idea of boutonnières (can't even spell it) and thinking that making them is totally terrifying and we'll just have to suck it up and pay for them or skip them altogether.
Then this morning, I saw this.
It's rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme, and oregano (I think.) These are all things we saw at the farmer's market on Sunday! They look super easy (bunch and tie. done. pretty much what you do when you shove spices in a turkey.) Plus, I can shove the leftovers in a turkey and it will be delicious. Also, the tutorial uses blueberries but we could fall them up (and tie them into our colors...) with some cranberries instead. I like that they are manly, simple, and not-prom-ish.

I'm not sure if they "go" with the crazy flowers I bought yesterday, but they would "go" with simple carnation bouquets (cheap and last forever. We could make the bouquets a week in advance!)
(Okay, so this is carnations, iris and statis. We would probably go with some more "fall" ish colors, like dark burgundy, or go really wedding-y with white carnations and then some lavender.)
What are you doing for flowers or bouts? Are you, like me, a little intimidated by the idea of DIY boutonnières? And would a carnations, rosemary, cranberries, and lavender bouquet be weird, or just weird enough to be totally awesome?


  1. Well the idea of a bouquet intimidates me...but I think I could handle a boutonnières, so we might make a good team...

  2. With boutonnieres like that, we'd also smell delicious...which could be a little odd.

  3. So, the venue we've chosen comes with an exclusive florist, and their prices are insane. Therefore, I'm either DIY or foregoing flowers. I found this totally intimidating until I found this post with the butterfly bouquet. I'm ordering butterflies in our colors, and making my own flower-free bouquet. The men will have pocket squares, no bouts. And instead of doing a bouquet toss, I'm going to gather all of the single women on the dance floor and simply hand each one of them a butterfly.

    With that said, I think the herbal bouts you found are stunning, and you should totally do them.

  4. I love the bouts. I was equally intimidated by making my own bouts and corsages, and I kept putting it off, until finally I just asked my mom to order them from a local florist. However, we did buy all the flowers for centerpieces, my bouquet, and assorted other arrangements from a local florist. I made my bouquet myself w/no previous experience and without doing a trial run before the day of (even though I was nervous), and a group of friends did all the other arranging. I'm told they had a wonderful time, and I thought my bouquet looked awesome.

    I would recommend doing a trial run, even though I didn't, but I just want to let you know that arranging flowers is not as scary as it may seem! I love the idea of putting herbs in the bouquets and bouts--awesome!

  5. Those bouts showed up in my reader this morning and I quickly e-mailed the link to myself. So pretty, cheap and easy! Plus, if your guys are a little grungy, this will make them smell nice.