Monday, October 26, 2009

Short Hair Trial!

So on Thursday I went to this event. I tried on an amazing wedding dress, even though I have one, and I will now forget about it because it costs more than our photography budget. They also had other vendors there - and they were all super nice, but two were particularly fantastic.
The first was Elegant Hair by Giselle. I was waiting for my bridesmaids to show up, and so I was chatting with the hair and makeup people and I was originally afraid to strike up a conversation because I knew they would be out of my budget. But then I just sucked it up and said, "I'm not growing my hair out. What can I do with it?" The woman, who I assumed was Giselle, was super nice and supportive. Her website has a whole section of short hair dos. This is my favorite.
I don't have a "before" picture because I brushed my hair this morning while it was wet and went to school. I looked like crap. Giselle sat me down in her chair, grabbed a comb and started playing with my hair. This is what she did in about ten minutes, with no hairspray or product or electronics:
(I've been up since 5am. I look pretty good, considering.)
This was three hours before, because I couldn't take a picture until I got home. She suggested hot rollering generally for more volume, and we talked about curling the back or pinning it back more. I love what she did with the sides - she just twisted and pinned and it looked super cute. She even let me try on shiny hair combs with it (and then I went and played with veils). She also let me just walk out with my hair all done up like this and I felt really pretty all night. That, my friends, is talent. I'm not sure if I can make room in the budget for her, and I'm not sure that I don't want to use my regular stylist, but I love that she helped me feel like I can look totally great with my hair the length it is, and I loved that she was totally supportive of me not growing out my hair.
(Side View)
The makeup person was from Studio-Make-Up and she let me try airbrush makeup. It was amazing light and fast and didn't feel caked on at all. She also put on some luminzer and other stuff, and a little bit of blush. It was pretty cool. I'm not sure I would have given airbrushing a chance, but I appreciated being able to try it for free. It's stayed on pretty well and looked pretty natural. I checked their rates later and they were actually much lower than I was expecting, although I'm not sold on needing to pay somebody to do my makeup.
All in all, the event was totally worth it for this and delicious butternut squash quiche that they served. It was a lot less high pressure than a bridal showcase - and I highly recommend an event like this to anyone who is trying to find a hair stylist or makeup person (they actually had two of each there). Don't be afraid to talk to people just because your budget is small - often they will still offer you advice. And if you're looking for a great hair stylist or makeup artist, check these guys out!

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  1. you're so cute! now I want to go chop all my hair off to this length again. somehow it's gotten down to my bra in the back without my noticing, but my wedding is in 4 (oh, crap, almost 3) months!