Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SomeEcards launches an invite site!

If you spend as much time on www.someecards.com as I do, you are gonna be as psyched as I am about this!
If you're gonna send online invites to your wedding, you might as well be completely irreverent about it.
If you're inviting people to a bachelor party but you want to make it clear there will be no strippers and nothing else gross, this one will set your guys up for disappointment so they won't be bummed at the party!
Maybe I'll use this bad boy for a law school graduation party. And if they do eventually add capabilities to let you turn any e-card on the site into an invite, this one is going out to my friends from law school for a night of post-bar celebration.
I hope they add bridal shower invites soon. Maybe something like "I'd like to extend to you the honor of coming to my bridal shower and wrapping a complete stranger in toilet paper while my grandmother makes awkward sex jokes about my wedding night." Any other ideas?


  1. Hey - thanks for the mention - we actually DO allow for any card on the site to be an invte. Just click the "invite" tab below the card!

  2. Hi Ellie and Mark,

    Just got a google alerts for Invitesite (which is our TM company's name) --so just wanted to give you a heads up that you may be sending people to the wrong place. http://www.invitesite.com/

    Mark -- great job!! My best friend, now and growing up, is from the family that started Coney Island, so we used to get "special rides" on the Cyclone... Tends to encourage dare devil traits, those special rides.
    Though I'm not as eager to ride some of the new rides which seem to melt the spine.
    Have fun with your wedding.