Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I think I'm gonna need a DOC.

It's midterm season here in law school. Everyone, and everything is nuts. So...light posting this week - but after that, expect to see engagement pictures, hear all about our engagement party, see us try to scope out seasonally appropriate flowers and check out the way our venue looks at this time of year. But right now? I've got fourth amendment problems, people!
As we come down to the wire on our e-party - which, being for 75 people, is requiring almost as much work as our wedding - I've come to the conclusion that I think I may need a DOC/WOC. I say I, and I mean it. Mark can probably handle the stress, but I can't. I don't handle stress well generally, and I can see our wedding getting very overwhelming very quickly. I don't handle questions from people when I Don't. Want. To. Talk. About. The. Wedding. which is a point I imagine I'll get to. I don't like it when people think I'm bossy, and I generally try so hard to be nice and to please everyone that I get quickly overwhelmed by everything.
The problem is, there isn't really money in our budget for a DOC, and I don't know that I'm willing to trust control to somebody who is just starting out, the way I am with a photographer or DJ or bartender or venue. With a DOC, I want somebody that knows what they are doing. That can tell our newbie DJ to cut the crap and just let people dance. I want somebody that will remind me that we should get off the dance floor and cut the cake, but also that knows we don't want to run the evening strictly by the clock.
Where we do have money to pull from is our DJ budget, because I put extra padding in there - but I'm wondering - can we get a day-of-coordinator that would also run our iPod playlist and announce the toasts and the cake cutting? Does anybody know if they exist (in the Baltimore area), or are they imaginary, like unicorns and low-cost florists?


  1. I had the same "aha" moment about a DOC about 3 months before our wedding -- long story short, a bunch of last-minute work for a conference I'd planned the previous year got dumped into my lap when the current organizer fell behind in the planning. I realized I really didn't want to be dealing with all the last-minute crises on our own wedding day! We were incredibly happy with our decision to hire a DOC and I'd recommend it to anyone else in a heartbeat.

    I do want to say that you may be able to find a just-starting-out DOC who isn't a total novice to event planning. Our DOC was new to Denver and to the wedding industry, so her fees were incredibly reasonable, but she was a charity event planner in NYC before she moved to Colorado. And asking your DOC to run the iPod and announce the cake cutting and toasts seems very doable.

    You could also ask a friend to do those things if your DOC won't -- I think that setting up the iPod and making a few announcements falls well within the limits of what you can reasonably ask your pals to do at your wedding!

  2. I was debating this as well - after realizing that we couldn't afford a wedding planner, I am hoping that we can at least have a DOC. I hope you find a good one, and good luck with midterms and your engagement party!