Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bouquet toss pinata

After thinking about this and this, I'm wondering if there is any way to combine the two. Can we have all the single ladies attack a bouquet shaped pinata?
Brainstorm with me. How does this work? I mean, I could make the pinata. But that's a lot of work. Or I could put a bouquet inside the pinata. Also, I don't really want everybody to take turns - just give everyone a stick and have them go at the pinata to the tune of "single ladies" and call it a day.
Thoughts? Bad idea and I should start from scratch? Also, what songs besides "all the single ladies" is a good bouquet toss song? I found this list, but most of them seem insulting.


  1. LOVE this idea! It's a unique twist on an idea often viewed as LAME. Instead of being highlighted as the girl to get saved by the flying bouquet & to become the next bride... you get to take out your single gal frustration on a pinata. NICE! :)

  2. Cool single lady songs:

    Milkshake Kellis
    Diva Beyonce
    Bossy Kellis
    Work it Missy
    Tambourine Eve
    If I were a rich girl Eve
    Pom Pom Missy
    Maneater Nelly Furtado

    If never liked the toss until I got engaged.

    Pinata would be awesome, but pricey to have custom made. I've never seen a flower pinata, but I am sure if you really search, you could find one.

  3. Seriously, there is nothing more insulting than the traditional bouquet-toss. I've heard of some people tossing a 'bouquet' of gift cards to a mixed-gender crowd but a pinata is even more fun.

  4. Up until very recently I could never have imagined having a (my) wedding without the bouquet toss...but I have to admit, the more I think about it, the more I do *NOT* want to do it at my own wedding in April. I originally had a fabulous plan too...I was going to have my florist make a bouquet of 'mini' bouquets all hand tied as one big one so that when I tossed it, several little bouquets would fly so that several girls could get it. But now I am thinking I might just give the little mini bouquets as honorary bouquets to my grandma's and the two moms. We'll have to see. Plus, I really don't have very many single girlfriends anymore.

    As far as the garter, we absolutely will have to do that as Mr Fix It is really looking forward to it. :)