Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY Corsages

So I've established that DIY Bouts aren't out of the question, but I always thought corsages would be way too difficult to figure out how to do, which is a shame, because it would probably be pretty easy to do those in advance, and they can also run pretty expensive. ($20-30 per person.)
My cousin's flowers at his wedding were gorgeous, and when his wife (very kindly) told me how much they cost (after some totally inappropriate prying on my part) I realized that we could, in fact, squeeze bouquets into our tiny floral budget, but that corsages and bouts would put us over the top.
I briefly considered not doing corsages, but then decided that wouldn't be right. My mom and Mark's mom both love flowers and there is no reason why they shouldn't get corsages. (Although, to be honest, I'm not sure why they need them - is the concern nobody will know who the mom's are? I'm pretty sure that whole "walking us down the aisle" thing will make it fairly obvious.) I had figured that if we did the bouquets and stuff, we would have a local florist/grocery store (I'm not a terrible person, I just think our moms care more about food than flowers) do up the corsages.
Imagine my surprise though, when I found out the whole corsage thing is at least a little easier than anticipated. My main stress was "OMG how do you attach the corsage to the elastic? It makes no sense!" Well, apparently it's a lot easier than whatever I was thinking of in my head:
This, my friends, is a wrist corsage holder. For instructions on how to use it, check out this very informative tutorial. (I did not know they made glue for flowers.)
Has anybody ever tried making a corsage? Is it a terrible, terrible idea?

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  1. I totally think you could do it. At my friends wedding we had two orchids with one green leaf on each. That would be super easy to attach to that wrist band. Even one big flower would look lovely.

    Best of luck with it