Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DIY Flowers: Fabric Flowers

Remember this post about these? Well, I started playing with the idea of having them as part of my fabric flower bouquet (which I am test-running now to see if it is viable.) So I set out to make a smaller version, and the object of the game was to...not purchase any new fabric. I'm a fabric hoarder, and I'm on a mission to reduce the amount of fabric that I have in my arsenal.
glue gun
flower stem (you can buy these at any craft store, I purchased a bunch last June when I did my first test run)
large bead (I used one that is about 1/2 inch across)
wire cutters
fabric (I used about a quarter of a yard of 45" wide netting)
scissors or a rotary cutter & mat
2 pieces of paper cut in the shape of a circle (I used my circle cutter to cut a 2 3/8ths circle and a 3inch circle)

I started by cutting out the fabric. You could painstakingly pin the "pattern" in place and cut out individual circles, but instead, I folded the fabric over so I was cutting through 6 layers at a time. I cut it using my rotary cutter - if you don't have one, you can certainly use scissors, or you can use a die-cut machine and a circle die. I cut 12 3" circles and 6 2 3/8ths circles.

Next, I fired up my glue gun. Mine has a low and a high setting. I kept it on the low setting, which reduced the amount of hot glue leaking onto my craft desk. I trimmed a bit of the excess paper from the flower stem, so that the bead I was using would fit onto the end of the stem. I glued the bead on.
I then started to fold the circles into quarters and glue them onto the bead. I continued doing this until the sides of the bead were covered. Then I realized that the top of the "flower" was just looking a little flat.

I took five of the 2 3/8ths circles and folded them into quarters, stacking them together. Then I applied glue at the points of the quarters and jammed all five small circles onto the top of the flower. The result? A round flower!
I'm really happy with the way that these came out, and I think they would look nice in any fabric flower bouquet.
Cost? For me, $0 since I used stuff I already had on hand. For most people who already own glue guns, probably just the cost of the fabric plus the stems and beads, so about $5 would get you a dozen flowers.
Next up? Trying to learn to make these guys.


  1. Ellie there are so awesome! Seriously cool...I predict this will be a total trendsetter! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. wow. very pretty. this has inspired me! I am going to attempt some fabric flower garland for our wedding and I think a lace or tulle flower would look GREAT with it all. thanks you

  3. They look lovely! I love that dotted swiss you're using. I'm making my own fabric flowers too!