Monday, January 18, 2010

DIY Hair Flower

I wanted to test out a hair flower over break, so one morning, I sat down with my:
- rotary cutter & matt
- 1/8 yard of 60" wide tulle fabric
- wire hair comb
- hot glue gun

and went at it. I started by cutting leaves out of the tulle. I freehanded these with my rotary cutter, and cut about 15 large and 15 small leaves. Then I lay them over each other in a row like so:
Then I hot glue gunned them all to each other and myself. One I scraped the glue off my fingers and applied burn ointment, I glued them to my 2" wire hair comb.
I added that hideous bead over on the right for some sparkle. I hate it. But I would try it with more attractive beads - these are cheap craft beads left over from an elementary school project.
The end result?
I even did my hair up all nice because I was having trouble visualizing it (and the comb wouldn't stay unless my hair was pulled back).
It's harder to see the flower in this picture, but doesn't my hair look good?
I don't actually plan to wear this, because it's a little too whisper-y and tulle-y and fluffy for my dress, but I am pretty happy with the result of this 10-minute, zero-effort, free (materials on hand) project. I'd like to try something similar, but with a heavier and more colorful fabric combination - possibly moss green and champagne dupioni silks - and a little less fluff. So really, by trying something similar, I mean try something totally different, but this is a process of elimination and the haircombs came in packs of three anyway, so there is plenty of room for trial and error. I think I'll wear this one for my bachelorette party I'm selfishly assuming my bridemaids will throw me.
Have you tried to DIY your hair flower or other accessories?

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  1. Color me impressed that looks better than 94 percent of the crap on etsy

  2. i DIY-ed my hair flower and it was also a 10 minute project. I found a fake flower stem with 3 blooms that I really liked at Michaels. (I also liked that there were 3, so if I screwed up, I had another option) Then I cut it off of the stem, trimmed off some of the plastic-y green stuff on the back, and then hot glued it to a metal alligator clip (I have very short hair, so the normal combs they put on these sorts of decorative hair things don't stay in). It took 10 minutes, I thought it looked cute, and I got a ton of compliments on it. You can see it here:

    Yours looks great, too! I love easy craft projects.

  3. That looks great! I haven't decided on what to do for hair yet.

  4. I bought a $7 headband from Forever21 that had an ivory flower on it. I paid $.47 for tulle at a JoAnn's Fabric store, and sewed my own pretty little birdcage veil. It was hella cute, and my boss asked if she could use it for her wedding (3 months after mine)!

  5. Wow you did a great job - It looks fantastic!