Thursday, January 14, 2010

The downside of our venue.

I kid, Irvine does not have a downside. I love it. It's totally perfect in every way.
Okay, fine, except one. There are no big church doors to be flung open as we make our grand exit. No big church doors upon which we could hang these:
I was perusing Save on Crafts, which I'd heard about and looked at for some stuff, but never looked into for natural materials, like moss, and I found these amazing wreaths. I also found things we can actually use - ferns, moss covered rocks, polished rocks, corsage holders, and some things I'd never considered using but now Must Have. (But probably won't because I'm allergic to fake feathers. And also, I'm not sure that we are cool enough to pull off peacock feathers.)

Have you found any gorgeous decorations for a wedding you aren't having?

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  1. My problem now is finding SO MANY cool things for a wedding we already had.