Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Okay, just wanted to say that even if you are devoted Snippet & Ink readers like I am, today's post is particularly great. One of my friends said last week that she was concerned her wedding would have no cohesion. I told her cohesion was for suckers, but I also understand her concern, which is why we aren't having the fish-themed wedding I wanted - because we're getting married at a nature center.

Anyway, wise Katheryn says: "First, remember that this is not the last party you'll ever have, and making your own jam or envelope liners will certainly be much more manageable when there aren't so many people on the guest list.

Second, learn to edit. Choose two things instead of twelve (not limiting yourself to colors), and you'll find it easy to create a cohesive look, especially when you choose elements that make sense for your wedding's venue and season)."

I tried this approach, by the way, for Christmas cards, deciding to line them because I knew that lining only 20 envelopes would be way easier than lining 85. I gave up after cutting two liners and decided that people simply won't know what they're missing, and I'm okay with that. One thing that I have been doing is relegating DIY projects like growing my own flower favors to the bridal shower I'm selfishly assuming somebody will throw me, instead of tackling that for the wedding itself.

As far as a color palette though, I say, don't go with two colors. Go with a tone. Earthy, jewel, technicolor - whatever. Don't come up with anything so restrictive that you just can't have those invites you love because they don't match your bridesmaids dresses.* Having an inclusive palette actually leads to more cohesion, as long as everything is all in the same family.

How are you editing your wedding to a manageable scale?

*and lets review here: nobody is bringing the invite to the wedding to compare it to your theme or colors. The invite sets the stage, so go with something you love that represents you and your wedding, not something you feel like you have to have because of your color scheme or theme. Within reason. I'm still not using these. But I will, someday, for some kind of aquarium themed party. Because this is not the only party we will ever have.


  1. I think your advice about not restricting yourself to just two colors is a great way to manage a wedding.
    Because there are so many details, we found we were stressing more about making everything match which ultimately caused us to forfeit some of the things we really loved. It wasn't until we thought "oh yeah, we don't HAVE to have a bi-color color scheme, we can do whatever we want... because it's our wedding!
    You'd think this would be an obvious enough conclusion for two intelligent people to make, but it took a while to comprehend that we don't have to restrict ourselves. Eventually we, like you suggested, stuck to a specific tone (jewel) so we could retain a sense of cohesion without stressing about every little detail.

    I've also had to go through the painful process of deciding which DIY projects I can handle because, as much as I'd like to, I can't craft our entire wedding by myself. It's really up to the individual bride or couple to know how much they can handle.

  2. What more is there to say when I entirely agree? We're going with a range of colors (if at all?) and I'm paring back and back on my DIY dreams. Trying to put my sewing machine together the other day reminded me how un-DIY friendly my life (and coordination) is. And meh, I can handle that.

  3. No way i'm growing flowers for your shower...envelope liners perhaps, flowers....no.

  4. i love this post! i keep getting caught up in all these ideas and then am disappointed because i think they don't "go" or because they'd cost too much to do for 100 people, but we WILL entertain in the future!!

    we have two "colors" but they will be accompanied by other bright, fun colors. i just want to center around those two because they're my all-time favorites!

  5. I loved reading this! I think that when I said "limit yourself to two elements," I was thinking less of colors and more of things like "tomatoes and twine" or "roses and mint" or whatever. Not that those are the only things you'll use in your wedding, but that by choosing two for inspiration, it will be way easier to create a cohesive look than if you choose, say, twelve. Also, they may well end up inspiring a color palette.

    As far as choosing colors, I absolutely agree that people shouldn't drive themselves crazy trying to match everything to just two. But I think for people who don't feel confident in their own ability to edit, or in their ability to create a cohesive look, choosing two colors can make things easier.

    Thanks for having this conversation! So fun!