Friday, January 29, 2010

Feel Good Friday: Supporting Local Business

So recently I have been soliciting donations for my school's silent auction, happening next weekend. I solicited local businesses here in Federal Hill, and one that was kind enough to donate was Lucinda Gallery on S. Charles St.
One thing I noticed in the shop as the owner kindly wrapped up the beautiful oil painting she was donating was the hand-painted wine glasses. I asked about them, and the owner explained that she does art for custom wine glasses and toasting flutes, which are then dishwasher safe. The coolest part is that she will do them on any glasses that you bring to her, so you only pay for the artwork. So yes, you can buy ikea wine glasses to use as toasting flutes and have them decorated.
She suggested something else that a lot of people do, which is make a set for the members of the bridal party, and then the bridal party keeps the glasses. I really like the idea of doing this - so they would come out something like these (although probably with a dragonfly instead of the monogram):

and since we're sitting the bridal party with their dates, everybody that would want one would get a set of two glasses.
Shopping at a place like Lucinda is a great way to give back to your local community, and for me, is a great way to support somebody who made such a generous donation.

How do you like to support local businesses in your community? How are you planning to incorporate them into your wedding planning?

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