Thursday, January 21, 2010

Honeymoon in a Day

So we're getting married on the Sunday on Columbus Day Weekend, which means that even if I ever do find a job and they DON'T let me take even a single day off, we can still honeymoon for a night. My emergency stop-gap plan if this happens is to push the ceremony earlier in the day so we can leave sooner. If the ceremony was at 2:30, the reception would be over around 7:30, leaving us enough time to get to a nearby destination. (This is my plan because Mark says I should wait until I get offered a job to worry. Being several rejection letters into job hunting, I know beggars can't be choosers.)
So I started thinking about where we would go if we only had a night. I think it's important to get away and relax and just enjoy being married. I would like to go someplace we haven't been before that isn't more than 2 hours away. This doesn't offer a ton of options. One option I was hoping for was Deep Creek Lake, but that's 3 hours away. There are plenty of B&Bs in the nearby area, but those are less fun and more familiar, since we've been there.
So our options would be:
  • Kent Island - only an hour away, but all the way on the other side of the bay! This would be especially great if we could get a limo to drive us. Or a boat. I haven't been to Kent Island before, other than driving through it, so it could be fun to stay here.
  • Frederick - a lot of people make fun of Frederick, but I've heard good things about it. There are B&Bs and probably enough stuff to do there that would keep use entertained for the half-day we would be there. Possibly including horseback riding.
  • Gettysburg - celebrate your marriage by going to the site of the greatest carnage in US history! Nonetheless, Gettysburg is pretty cool. And you can also ride horses. Apparently fall in PA is pretty nice.
  • Philadelphia - this was the site of our first trip away together. It's a little further than I wanted to go, but it holds more sentimental value than any of the other places. Plus cheesesteaks. Which I don't eat, but that's not the point.
  • DC - we could go down to the district, stay someplace nice, and hit up the Spy Museum or the Newseum on Monday. Especially because Columbus day isn't a school holiday for the DC area, so the museums would be pretty kid-free. The thing is though, museums are not relaxing, or particularly honeymoon-appropriate.
  • Hagerstown - we've been camping out here and it's nice to be out in nature, away from everything. Not really sure what else there is to do here, but we won't be here for that long. We probably just need to find one thing to visit, and then possibly a nice relaxing couples massage, and it'll be time to go home and go back to work.
I think what will matter more if we do a honeymoon-in-a-day is going to be where we stay, not where we go - so recommendations for a nice relaxing place to stay, near good restaurants or fun places to walk around, that are outside of downtown Baltimore, would be highly appreciated!


  1. Unfortunately I can't recommend anywhere because I have no idea of anything in Baltimore.

    But I say you should stay somewhere REALLY fancy if it's just one night. Splurge and have breakfast in bed and late check out. Will be awesome!

    Best of luck with the job hunting

  2. I have to agree with Mrs. T, if you've only got 1 day, don't try and *do* anything. Stay at a 5 star, in the honeymoon suite, and stay in bed all day! Room service! Massage (worth getting out of bed for)! Hot tub (also worth getting out of bed)! I think that'd be the most relaxing thing (well, maybe until you see the bill, lol).

  3. I highly recommend St. Michael's Maryland on the eastern shore. Less than 2 hours from B'more, and it is so cute and has bed and breakfasts aplenty. That is where my fiance and I got engaged in late October last year, and while the weather wasn't perfect, we had a great time. There is a St. Michael's winery and brewery (yes, we checked out both), and lots of cute restaurants and it's right on the bay.

  4. Note: DCPS does give the Monday off for Columbus Day Weekend (or at least they did this year) so keep that in mind if you are worried about kids at museums.