Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

This is fairly NWR, but I know during the first few weeks in January, people like to make resolutions and set goals. I'm not a big resolution maker, and my main resolution isn't about running, it's about money, and I'll be talking more about it later. However, I like the idea of setting goals and when I read Us meets UK and Christiana talked about setting a number of miles to run in 2010, I liked the idea. So I picked my own number to run or walk - a nice even 1000 miles. 1000 miles works out to almost 20 miles a week, which is a number I've been striving to meet anyway. It also will encourage me to keep my resolution from last year, to walk to school more, which is about 2 miles away.

I track my progress using www.dailymile.com, which lets me track routes, enter mileage, rate my workouts, and has a really fantastic mapping tool. It also lets me use a little emoticon that says whether my workout was good or great or awful or tired or injured. It lets me keep track of details like "26 degrees outside - had trouble breathing" so that next time I go running below freezing, I remember to bring my face mask. I can also put in my heart rate, once I get my new heart rate monitor working.

Though this is NWR, I'm not sure that it's not not-relationship-related. I think that when we set these kinds of personal challenges for ourselves, we can't possibly succeed without the support of our spouses. I also told him about this goal before I set it - because I knew if he wasn't on board, a goal like this probably wouldn't be achievable - nor would any goal that changes our lifestyle or eating habits. In turn, that would make me extremely resentful and would make our relationship more challenging. I try to be equally supportive of him in the things he would like to achieve and the goals that he sets, and we also try to set goals together - not necessarily physical goals, but goals about meal planning, about travel, and about finances are the specific ones we have talked about recently.

Do you and your partner set goals? Do you do it together or separately?


  1. I would actually argue that this is at least peripherally wedding related. In agreeing to marry someone, you are pledging to be their partner forever. And with that pledge, I think you have a responsibility to remain as healthy as possible, both for you and your partner. How in the world can you take care of each other forever if you die a health-related premature death?

  2. Yay! I love it! Also, I was thinking of Zooma... maybe I'll hold off till October instead. I set the alarm this morning, and woke up - but went back to bed! baby steps right?