Friday, January 1, 2010

My Ceremony Shoes

I bought my wedding shoes in the beginning of December, ordered them shipped to the store, and picked them up last week. I had actually ordered them in a too-large size from Zappos, and they were $70, which was high, because I plan to have ceremony and reception shoes. (I need to wear wedges for the ceremony, but I have to be able to dance properly during the reception.)
I was inspired by a friend of ours who asked me to be the emergency girl during her wedding. (I wound up sewing a couple of the bridesmaids into their dresses.) When the moment came to put on her shoes, she pulled out a box and pulled out these.
They're Clarks. My grandmother has the same pair. For a second, I thought (and maybe said, "are you serious?") Then I realized that this was so very my friend. She is a sensible person who wanted to be comfortable. Also, only the 10 people in that room noticed. Nobody else noticed or cared. I thought it was awesome. Ever since then, I've known that I too can be comfortable under my wedding dress.
So when I say the phrase "wedding tevas" and people scoff, I say to hell with them. Oh, also they're adorable.
With a perfect 2-inch wedge heel, ideal for tromping around the grounds at our nature center wedding.
They even look pretty darn okay with my rehearsal dinner dress! And will be very rewearable with cute shorts during the summers. Plus, they came in on budget at $30, leaving me $70 to spend on ballroom/dancing shoes!
The only problem? The stitching needs some breaking in. I'm not sure what the best way to deal with slightly uncomfortable/stiff stitching is. I know foot petals makes strappy strips, and I have some of those. But is there any way to soften the stitching?


  1. There is a product called Shoe Stretch in a small red plastic squeeze bottle that you spray onto a spot inside a shoe where it is too tight or needs loosening. Then put the shoe on while the spray is still wet and wear around and it will loosen. Any good shoe repair place sells this or something similar. Always works for me! Cute shoes! I had a bridegroom and his groomsmen who all wore black Crocs with their tuxes in the ceremony. Cool.

  2. Great idea...I am all about practicality, especially when it comes to comfort on the day of your wedding :)