Friday, January 29, 2010

Photography Meeting #2: Prema Photographic

Our second meeting was with Kiersten Rowland of Prema Photographic. I'm going to now say something about Kiersten that will have the wedding photographers out there getting mighty nervous. Kiersten is a family friend. Her parents go on vacation with Mark's parents. She is Bridesmaid L.'s best friend. She is also a professional wedding photographer who recently launched her own wedding business after spending time as a photojournalist. When I first met Kiersten, I thought she was too cool. She was heading off to South America to do photography after college, and I just thought she was awesome. She's also incredibly nice, and she really, really loves weddings. Kiersten is the friend-with-a-camera that you want so badly to shoot your wedding that you stalk her blog, message her on Facebook, and finally sit down and sign the contract. Which we did on Tuesday.

When we got engaged, Kiersten's name came up in our discussions of potential photographers. But at the time, she wasn't shooting weddings - she was a photojournalist. I was afraid to hire somebody who didn't specialize in weddings - and then Kiersten started to shoot weddings. She would post pictures from some of them on Facebook and I thought they were nice. We talked a little bit about doing an engagement shoot sometime last fall, but the timing was poor, so we put it off. Then Kiersten's official photography blog and business launched, and she started to put up some of her pictures. Once I saw this wedding, I was sold. Kiersten describes her photography style as modern and emotional. It is the perfect description, and since I the thing I wanted the most on film at the end of the day was all the ways we felt during the day, I knew I wanted to go with Kiersten.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to see more of her work? These were some more of her shots that made me absolutely sure that she was right for us:
I plan to look this happy on our wedding day, and I want to remember that. This bride is positively glowing, and she looks thrilled, and it's beautifully captured.
I have no idea what is going on in this picture, but they just look like they're having so much fun.
Look - you can see her dress move and swish! You can see how happy they are!

I love photography because when it's done right, you can feel everything that is happening in the pictures. In the top picture, can't you just hear the bride tapping the mike, getting everybody's attention, to thank them all for coming? In the second photograph, I hear the laughter. And in the last shot, I hear the soft ruffle of tulle as the bride and groom walk, giddily, into their reception. That we could get all of this beauty from somebody we already knew and liked and who liked us? Score!

So now lets talk honestly about money. Kiersten is a steal at twice the price, but for now, packages start at $1950, and you should hire her now while she's still on the rise. Kiersten has second shot for Punam Bean at several weddings, so not only does she have experience shooting solo weddings, she has experience second shooting with an amazing photographer, both experiences that I think are invaluable in the "risky" world of hiring an up-and-coming photographer (but trust me, she's not a risk). So go on, go check her out!


  1. I love it just as much today as I did yesterday. This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, albeit on the West Coast, preferrably LA, since we're really trying to have an ethical, local, eco-friendly wedding. But Kiersten's photos are sorely tempting me... (maybe J will disagree, thereby making it easier to pass by...)

  2. @ A Los Angeles Love - as soon as I read your comment about what you were looking for, I knew that you would love her :).
    I highly recommend stalking the "classifieds" services --> section of to find new up and coming photographers. A lot of them will give away free engagement shoots to clients who will potentially book them for their weddings, so that might be a good route for you, especially since you are so far out.

  3. Elli you are so sweet! Thank you so much...I can't wait to make beautiful photographs for you guys!