Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boutonniere - hard to spell, easy to pick.

So flowers has now become "my job".  Mark doesn't really care, and we don't have time to meet with an excessive number of vendors.  I'm going to be the one looking at his bout, so as long as he has one, he's not that picky about what it looks like.  I'm guessing one of the rules is "no pink" but since that's one of the rules for the wedding generally, it's fine.
The guys boutonnieres were easy to pick.  My love affair with locally grown, seasonal hypericum. Simple, manly. Cheap.  Holds up well during raucous dancing.
Mark's reaction? "Sure, but can mine be fancier?"
Me: "Of COURSE yours can be fancier!  What would you like?"
Mark: "Flowers.  See, supra, checked out."
The florist I met with yesterday suggested a gerbera daisy.  Which I said yes to at the time, and then upon second thought, have decided against.  Gerberas are great.  But...they can be a little much.  I love the look of callas and hypericum, but they can be expensive (although it would be one calla, and maybe a few more for my bouquet) and I don't think they are local.
How about some green button mums?
I also love astrolomeria, which are sadly not local, but they are cheap.  And pretty!  They also come in a burgundy.
I think probably without the big leaves, and with green berries, this would look good.  But they are native to South America and I would love to find a local alternative.  Or a fair trade wholesaler/source!
Any suggestions for local flowers that are in season in October that would go well with hypericum berries?


  1. The green button mum will be PERFECT! Go with it.

  2. Those are lovely, I adore green flowers.