Saturday, February 27, 2010

Damn Paper Lanterns!

I had finally gotten the idea of paper lanterns out of my head, because of the hassle and our decision to reduce stress.  (Oh, alright. My decision. If Mark wants the damn lanterns, he can hang them.)  Then, then, I saw this. 
Our tent is a frame tent, so it wouldn't be the same effect.  So maybe I should just let it go.  Or I could buy like, 400 paper lanterns and a whole bunch of ribbon. 
So discuss: would these look better in plain white, with colored ribbons, or in colors with other colored ribbons?


  1. I think it depends on how much color you're going for. If you order a ton of paper lanterns in a bunch of different colors and have different colored ribbons on top of that...well, it could be a lot of color. But maybe if you went with one or two colors of lanterns and had a bunch of colors of ribbon, it wouldn't be too overwhelming. But I also like white with colored ribbons. So I'm of absolutely no help to you, haha.

  2. I say white with coloured ribbons! But if it's too hard or too stressful I say let it go. BUT if your heart is REALLY set on it then do it.