Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fabric Flowers: Part II

The next kind of flowers I attempted were individual petaled flowers.  I had been loathe to try these at first, but I wasn't getting the kind of variety from just making roses that I had hoped for. I adapted a pattern from Fun to Wear Fabric Flowers for the petals, and made the center out of a button. 
I didn't take pictures as I did this one, so I made a second so I could do the tutorial. I'm not particularly happy with how the beading on the center looks, because well, it looks like a pin not even my grandmother would wear. (Also for the above one I used squares of fabric, but I found that strips of ribbon works much better.) 
Start by cutting several strips of ribbon or fabric (about 3" long by 2").  You will also need either a button or a piece of something hard to be the center of the flower.  If you want, you can use beads for embellishment.  I recommend buttons though, especially ones without holes in the center so they don't look like buttons.  You will also need a trusty hot-glue gun. 
 Then you want to fold the fabric into a triangle like this and glue the corners in place at the center of the fabric.  (So you take the upper corners to the lower center.)
 Then you will take the bottom corners and fold them back and glue them so they overlap.  Make 5-6 of these petals.  Then take your backing.
You then glue each petal to the backing. 
And there you have it.  I'm not proud of this one, because I hate the center so much, and I definitely recommend buttons for future use because they have a hole in the back to thread the flower stem through.  I have no idea how I would attach the flower to this. 

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