Friday, February 12, 2010

Fall in love. Get Married. Save the World.

Yes. This is the tagline for the Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase. If we had just gotten engaged, this is the event where we would have started our planning. Since we just hit the 8-month mark; this is instead the event where we will:
  • Investigate wedding planners/coordinators and decide if we need one
  • Sample local organic beers and wines
  • Test out some eco-friendly (and sensitive skin friendly) makeup.
  • Speak with some DJs and entertainers to decide if we need one.
  • Check out organic/recycled/eco-friendly invites.
  • Look into some ethical jewelry (and if I can remember to wear my ring, I might try to talk to them about whether it's possible to make a matching band, etc.)
  • Talk to some florists
  • Maybe win some prizes?
  • Taste cake. We have a baker. I like cake.
I think that this event will be great because it will hopefully be less insane and overwhelming than bigger events. I like small showcase type events that only have a max of 2-3 vendors of each kind at the event, so you really have time to talk to people. I'm hoping that vendors will be forthcoming about rates and maybe even offer discounts, which is not uncommon.

The event is February 21st from 1-5pm at the Samuel Riggs Alumni Center on the Maryland campus. Mark and I are going, and I told him that he can drink beer in the man-cave while I try on jewelry and makeup. I was originally annoyed by the man-cave existing, but I think it might actually encourage men to come and participate more than the guy who would have just stayed home.

If you're local, will we see you there?


  1. Sounds cool! I would love to attend a green wedding showcase. Have a good time!

  2. We were in town this past week and our florist told us about the Green Wedding Showcase . . . I'm actually sorry that we left just in time to miss it!

    Did you find anyone fabulous?

  3. Unfortunately, with the way the timing worked out, we would have been paying $20 for one person to spend 30 minutes there (or $20 for one clueless person to ineffectively spend an hour there and then get frustrated and leave)...