Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hand me downs (in a good way)

After I wrote this post, I fell to thinking about something else that gets handed down from generation to generation - jewelry.
I haven't written much about my wedding jewelry because well, it was done, as far as I'm concerned. I didn't want to buy new jewelery for the wedding because I wanted to be able to give my daughter or future daughter-in-law something and say, "these are the earrings I wore when I married your father." Because even if she doesn't wear them for her wedding, she can wear them for other things. And I'm honestly not sure that something I bought off of Etsy would last long enough to do that. So I have been adament that I want to wear good jewelry on our wedding day, and I'm too cheap to buy new fine jewelery. Which means - Earrings are a blue pair that Mark gave me for our fourth anniversary. Something borrowed? My grandmother's engagement ring. Bracelet? Maybe, if I feel like it. Necklace? (Arguably the most important accessory for a strapless dress.) Well, necklace, I thought, was taken care of. I have a pendant that was an engagement gift for my great-grandmother that was then passed down and my aunt sent it to me when I was born and I have always known I want to be my "something old". It also has a blue stone in it, so it could serve as my something blue...but I have blue earrings, so it's just my something old.
So here it is.
(I tried really hard to properly diffuse the flash and failed!)
It's gold, and fairly simple, and I don't wear a lot of gold, and I considered wearing this for the ceremony and changing into something funkier for the reception, which I'm still considering. But then when I was home being snowed in, my mom and I dug it out and I realized - the chain had broken. It would also have been too short anyway. So I started thinking about finding a new chain, and I was thinking about something I had seen somewhere recently about pearl necklace charms. So I tried it out:

I think the pearl will work really nicely with the necklace, and I can go with either a single strand or something more or something a little more rock 'n roll. I was thinking maybe small irregularly shaped pearls like the one dangling would look really nice.
The other advantage is, I wear pearls - I have a strand of pearls which I stand by as the best jewelry purchase I've made, hands down, and also a couple of more "modern" pearl necklaces that I really like. So I know whatever I buy will get used again, by me, if not by anyone else. So now it's just a matter of picking a length and style, and then finding a jeweler to attach the pendant. Yes, I could do it myself with jewelers materials I buy from Michaels, but I'm so afraid that won't be strong enough, and I can't bear to lose this.
So what are some good sources for pearls?
I love and their reasonably priced necklaces, so I went there first.
Something like this is just a little funky, but kinda fun:
What do you think? What will work best? I don't really want to order 5 necklaces to test them all out. I've also thought about going some place like Beadazzled to pick out my own beads and make my own necklace. But I think that might end in disappointment. And me gluing myself to something, even though you wouldn't think that could happen in a bead store....


  1. That pendant is so lovely. Love the way it looks with pearls. Good luck with the hunt

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