Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Late night snacks?

I saw this idea over on Ritzy Bee and I can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier! Why wouldn't I provide our bridesmaids and groomsmen with snackpacks for their rooms for after the wedding? I remember how hungry I usually am after weddings, and that goes doubly for the bridal party, who, no matter how much you SAY "we'll bring appetizers out to the pictures", it never really happens.
So why not put together lunchboxes for the bridal party rooms? And by "put together" I mean "buy", because who would help me with this? I'm not gonna make the bridesmaids pack up their own snack baskets.
Okay, mine probably won't look this classy:

But I'm thinking something along the lines of a bag or box + all leftover OOT bag goodies + candy + gourmet snacks (like bags of Pita Chips and kettle corn) + spirits of their liking (I know one groomsman likes Jamesons; I know I have two bridesmaids that love amaretto sours, etc.) It should be pretty easy to do all of that ahead of time.
It's part OOT bag, part thank you gift, and part "I hope you don't get so hungry you gnaw your own hand off before the brunch tomorrow morning".
Oh, and peppermint foot lotion for the girls....cuz nothing says "I'm sorry I made you wear uncomfortable shoes" like peppermint foot lotion.
Suggestions welcome for what tastes or feels good after a day of doing your friend's bidding!


  1. That's such a good idea which probably would have never crossed my mind. Although it might be a slightly pricier option, it would be fun to personalize each pack with food that each of the girls and guys likes best. Thanks for cluing me in!

  2. Love that idea! I would LOVE this as a bridesmaid. Or, um, now.

    I'd suggest-gummy candies! Always a hit. Also, I've been buying these salamis made with wine at Trader Joe's that I like a lot--they'd keep well.

  3. You are the best bride ever to think of this!