Monday, February 8, 2010

One Year Ago

This man asked me to marry him, and I said yes. He asked me on a bench on a hill in a city that we love and have made our own.
He asked me with a 3D prototype of the ring he designed for me.
Two weeks later, we sat down with our parents and we told them. Then we told everyone else. Those two weeks were the best decision that we've made in this "getting-married" process. Even though at times I thought I would burst with excitement and overflow with my desperate need to tell EVERYONE right away, it also gave us time to think about and celebrate by ourselves. We went to Chicago for Valentine's Day, and it turned into an engagement celebration trip:
(nuh uh ladies, I saw him first!)
When Mark asked, after heckling him and then finally saying yes, I asked him why he didn't wait until we were in Chicago; why he dragged me out of the house on a Sunday night when I had dinner in the oven and had just gotten back from a long afternoon of hockey and errands. His response was something that like, "well, I had the ring and I was ready and I was like 'okay! enough waiting!'" Which I've interpreted to mean "I just couldn't wait to ask you to marry me!" Which is very romantic, if you ask me.
How are we celebrating our engageaversary? Well, we started on Saturday with a nice, snow covered walk up to Federal Hill, then we celebrated yesterday by clearing the kitchen, and tonight we'll celebrate with a homecooked meal. (We're not big anniversary people. In fact, I definitely thought our engage-aversary was the 9th until I realized that the 9th is a Tuesday this year and we got engaged on a Sunday.)
So here's to one year of to-be-wedded bliss; and 244 days until we have an anniversary I can remember!


  1. Congrats on your one-year engageaversary! :) That is so cool about the ring prototype--haha, love it.

    I think it's really cool how you guys took time to enjoy being engaged just by yourselves. I definitely called everyone I knew at, like, midnight as soon as I could, but I think there's for sure something to be said for celebrating just the two of you. Actually, I'd always dreamed of being proposed to somewhere really, really public, but my husband ended up proposing when it was just us, and it was PERFECT to have that time alone.

    Love the pictures!

  2. HMMM Ruth made me keep our engagement secret for a year and half. I was smart enough to ask her on Christmas so I would always remember the date