Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day Bouquets: Part I

So since Baltimore was buried under 2-4 feet of snow last week, I finally got some non-school-related stuff done. Mostly, I wanted to work on fabric flower designs.  Excuse the missizedness of the pictures in this post - we've just switched to the new Blogger post tool and I'm getting the hang of it. 
I started with Fun to Wear Fabric Flowers (if you are going to attempt these, you should probably check the book out from your local library like I did.):
Which told me to do this (I am using a basic muslin here, because I bought a ton of it for cheap when I was mocking up our table centerpieces):
 (Cut a 4x45" piece of fabric, then fold as shown above. Press inward so it is 2 inches wide. Your iron is your friend.)

Then you carefully wind it around itself as shown above.  Do NOT press here, even though it will make your life easier.  Instead, pin the seams.  Then you will stitch, either by hand or by machine, down the side of the length of the fabric (and along the bottom.)
You will then gather the fabric.  If you are unfamiliar with gathering, and are using a sewing machine, you want to pull on the bottom thread - it is much easier.  Another helpful tip? Tie both threads around a pin as shown below to prevent the thread from being pulled through as you gather. 

So then I flipped it over and wound it around itself stitched it all together (by hand) and got this:

I wasn't wild about it. It looked messy with the fraying edges, and I realized that I shouldn't have pressed every flip, because it looked too...contrived. So I tried again with a piece of fabric that I hemmed the edges on, and I didn't press each time I flipped the fabric.  I actually just wound them around as I sewed at my machine, which worked for me.

(Left has the hemmed edges, right has the unhemmed.)
I was happy with how these came out, with two exceptions - the first is that the fabric is too big; the second is that it is too heavy.  These flowers are quite large - great for something you are going to wear, really annoying for something that you are trying to make an entire bouquet of.  Next snowstorm, I try this with a shorter length (maybe 4x24") and a fancier, lighter weight fabric.  


  1. That one might make for a really great bout! :) I love how it turned out.

  2. Those look really good! A pretty satin or raw silk would look really nice!

  3. This is awesome! I want to try to make one now. :)