Friday, February 5, 2010

White to a Wedding?

So I bought this dress for a "black and white night" that my student group was planning (although now it's a vintage glam evening, I'm still wearing the dress).
But my question is - and I think I know the answer - can I wear this to any of the spring/summer weddings I'm going to? I think it's too much white, and I'm tempted to try dying it, but it's also not A White Dress, so I'm not sure.
Otherwise, I think it's a good shower/rehearsal dinner dress (except I already have one of those). Can I wear a white dress to somebody else's shower? Is there etiquette on this?

Also, how great would this dress look with either of these items which That Wife is doing a giveaway for over on her blog?
I also kind of love the Bridal Ruffle, all available at The Redheaded Actress' Etsy Shop.

So weigh in - white to a wedding? How much white is too much white? And head over to That Wife for a chance to win your own hair accessory!


  1. I say wear it! It's a super-cute dress, and black polka dots on a white background don't say "bridal" to me, they say "fun summer dress." If you're not sure, you can pair it with a colorful cardigan or colorful accessories, to bring it even further away from the usual white-on-white "bridal" look.

  2. I think you're safe because of the large, black polka-dots. And if you're worried about "too much white", add red, green, yellow, orange (you get the gist) accessories to give it a colorful pop. No one will even notice it's white. :)

  3. Polka dots are probably fine... I will say that once I wore a white dress to a pre-wedding happy hour (pre as in not the rehearsal dinner, but the night BEFORE that) and it turns out that the bride was wearing the same dress the next night at her rehearsal dinner. Of course, she looked better in it than I did, but it was still slightly awkward when she pointed it out at the pre-wedding happy hour. While I am not a huge white dress person, I know many people are so probably best to avoid all-white dresses at wedding festivities...

  4. Wear what you want. I even did the ultimate taboo...wore white to a wedding where I was in the bridal party. Of course, my dress was a very informal white dress and the brides both wore lovely, traditional white wedding gowns. There was no mistaking us. (It was my sister's wedding and she told me to wear the white dress as my other option was black. Actually, she just told me to wear what I wanted to wear.)