Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bridesmaid dress horror stories

Last weekend we went bridesmaid dress shopping and my friend mentioned the dresses that a family friend's bridesmaids wore for a wedding.  
She sent me a picture:
My first instinct was, "did the groomsmen wear leaderhosen?"  But here's the thing.  Looking at it's not so bad.  I mean, maybe four of them all side by side would be a little much.  But this is probably the most flattering a german milkmaid inspired dress could be, and for some reason...I like the flowers.  And it may be the only dress for which the 80s puffy sleeves actually go and make sense.  
Have you ever taken a second glance at a dress that on first glance seemed abysmal?  


  1. Gah! My eyes! I'm going to have to disagree with you on this particular dress (I don't think it's fair to many any bridesmaid buy a themed outfit.) Though I'll admit, the flowers would be great in a different context.

    However, I often feel like fashion trends are hideous. Until two months later when they've saturated my brain via photo spreads and trendly LA girls and I can finally see their charm/value.

  2. I've definitely seen worse, so I can see where you're coming from. And you're definitely right, its much better by itself. I can't imagine 4 poor girls standing side by side in this atrocity... scary. Kudos on the german milkmaid reference.

  3. Dresses of the flower print would be nice. Dresses of the white fabric above the empire waist would be nice. The combo hurts though.

  4. I was once at a Washingon restaurant and a group of 20 young women were all dressed up and having an "ugly bridesmaid dress evening". There were a lot of "that dress is sooooooooo ugly ... jokes.

    Great fun . Best joke I recall was "that dress is so ugly it made the father of the bride look good"

    oh well

  5. Oh Wow! That is one interesting dress! I feel like this wedding should have been in a remote Alpine village though. However, the lower half - the flower print - is kind of cute!

    I tend to take a longer look at most of the dresses celebrities wear on the red carpet. Although celebrity fashion is not something I usually care about, I'm always fascinated by the over-the-top dresses which I dislike at first glance, but upon further reflection I come around to appreciating them.

  6. It's bad. Bad bad bad. Totally feeling you on the leaderhosen.