Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dance Shoes

My foot problem has been acting up again, so I've been thinking about my options for great, comfortable dancing shoes.  Then I remembered that back in our ballroom dance days* some of the dancers had dance sneakers, and I tried a pair on and was shocked by how comfortable but still easy-to-dance-in they were.
Then I thought, oh gee, I wonder if they come in white.
Ladies and gents, meet the Bloch Dance Sneaker.  Check out also the Capezio Toggle and the Capezio Dansneaker. Some of these dance sneakers are made with special soles that let you still twirl and swirl easily without the rubber sole catching on the floor and forcing you to twist an ankle.  They also boast a split sole to allow for maximum flexibility and bend ability.
And lets be real. Nobody is seeing these under your dress, so why not change into these for maximum fun dancing instead of into some crummy old flip flops that won't let you foot rock appropriately during a swing dance?
Would you wear dance sneakers?  What about when I tell you they are "only" $60?

*to those of you thinking "gah! she made him go dancing!" please keep in mind that I'm a terrible dancer with no rhythm and Mark was the dancer when we met.    


  1. I think I'd rather go barefoot than wear sneakers under my wedding dress. Sorry! For ME I would feel weird wearing a nice fancy dress with something so casual underneath.....that said, I know plenty of friends and family that rocked things like converse under their wedding dresses and LOVED it...if it's YOU, then do it!!

    And as a former dancer...I can attest to how comfy those shoes are.....if you can't/won't go barefoot I think it's a comfy way to go....what about a fun color?

  2. I would not wear dance sneakers. They may be comfortable, but my dress will not be floor length, and sorry, I gotta be stylish on my wedding day. ;)

    However, what about competition ballroom dance shoes? They are supposed to be very comfortable and supportive. I've actually been thinking about getting a pair for the wedding. Most sites I've seen have a "wedding" section of all white shoes.

  3. I think they're awesome! Good price and they allow for maximum danceability, which seems like just what you need.
    I'm not worried about dancing shoes because I don't think I'll spend too much time on the dance floor, but I will be wearing purple Converse just for the heck of it.

  4. those things are an atrocity, i say! what about a pair of Aris Allen wedges?

    (that said, wear whatever you want!)

  5. No one sees your shoes in a long dress - you are so right!

  6. when I saw the title of your post, I turned to DP and told him that I am wearing either jazz shoes (not sneakers, because I don't have them), or character shoes to our reception, because I am going to dance, and enjoy the heck out of it.