Monday, March 22, 2010

Favors are stupid. Until they're awesome.

So we weren't really planning on doing "favors" per se.  We had a couple ideas in mind, including maybe a photobooth.
Placecards were going to be basic tent folds.  Then I saw these!
So even though they would be expensive, impractical, and we would probably have at least 20 leftover at the end of the night, they're so cute I had to at least consider them for a good 5 minutes.  

Have you seen anything that made you do a wedding planning 180? 


  1. I so wish we had splurged for a photo booth.

  2. Those are adorable! I have fallen for Etsy shop after shop... haven't ordered anything yet but there is plenty I love. For favors we are doing a Candy Buffet and we will also have a basket of flip flops near the dance floor for ladies to kick off their heels.

  3. Can I make a comment about favors?

    We "planted a tree" for each one of our guests, and by planting a tree I mean we paid the National Arbor Day foundation to do that for us. For each dollar you donate to them, they plant a tree in a United States forest in need of...reforesting.

    Then, we printed little cards that said "Thanks for coming to our wedding, we planted a tree, blah blah blah", which cost very little, or you could also do a sign. That way we only spent a dollar a guest (savings!) and people didn't have to go home with some useless crappy gift with our names and wedding date printed on it.