Friday, March 19, 2010

Feel Good Friday: Fill out your Census

So, I may be the only person who looks forward to the census.  I think it is AWESOME and as a history major, census data is SO important to have.  I was pretty bummed that Mark filled ours out while I was on Spring Break.  Also I'm pretty bummed that it will be 10 years before I can mark "married" on the census form.  It's also a neat way to mark time.  The last time I filled out the census, I had just learned in NSL what the census was.  The next time we fill out the census, we will probably be adding at least one more name in our household.  That's kinda neat.  Other things that are neat?  Gay couples can declare themselves married and be recognized as such - and this matters because it forces the country to recognize that gay marriage exists and eventually we will see federally recognized gay marriage.

Additionally, "Those opposed to same-sex marriage, meanwhile, say the move is just another example of the erosion of the Defense of Marriage Act."  

To which, I say, it's about time and bring it on.  So go fill out your census, take part in the democratic process, and feel proud to be doing your civic duty!  I promise, it's better than jury duty.    


  1. Other census nerd raises her hand here too... mostly because I'm passionate about how it affects public policy/distribution outcomes. And demographics are fun too. As for the specific forms, I mostlyu got excited about the "unmarried partner" box because I'm so tired of being just single or married (like there's nothing in between.) I hadn't even been paying attention to the gay marriage issues. Even more yay.

  2. Our census form looks a little empty compared to last time......

  3. I was so excited, too! And then my roommate filled it out and sealed it before I could even see it. :'(