Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pretty Details & Craft it Forward

I saw this headband in navy blue with a white flower at my local Ann Taylor Loft recently and it was so cute but I didn't buy it because $16 is a lot for a flower headband I wasn't sure I would wear, but I thought you might be interested in this one because I know some of you are planning brightly colored weddings and might like a pop of color in your hair. 

In other news, only 3 people were interested in craft it forward so the Craft it Forward recipients will be Julie/Smartass Bride, Ms. Bunny, and roughit, plus the first two people who comment here today.  (It'll be fun, I promise!)


  1. ooooo, this is very pretty. And I'm one of the first!

  2. adorable headband! :-)

    my last name starts with an O and I am engaged... but I'm not sure about how crafty my skills so you don't have to pick me if you don't want to... I'm not the best one to carry the crafty torch forward... :-/