Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sanity Check

I'll admit, I'm starting to lose it.  Between picking our invites and going bridesmaid dress shopping and realizing that our to-do list is only going to grow, no matter how many times we say "eff it", I was feeling overwhelmed.  I was worrying about making all the "right" decisions and having our wedding have a cohesive look.
Then I saw this post by Miss Sewing. And I saw this quote:
"Because five years from now, the only person that will remember what they looked like will be you. So do something you love. And because it’ll be a reflection of you, your guests will (hopefully) love it too."  

So there it is.  So the only question now that matters, from here on out, is, "do I/we love it?"  I've been stunned that everyone I have shown our potential invites to has reacted with glee and told me how cute and how very us they are.  I had been afraid that people would think they were too casual.  People even like my super-easy DIY pocketfold idea.  (It's a pocketfauxld, don't worry.)

One of my friends used to tell me, "nobody ever cares as much about your wedding as you do."  So maybe I should stop worrying about whether my dress is out of style or won't go with my bouquet or my shoes.  Maybe I should start worrying about finding a minister and making sure we sign our catering contract.


  1. Um, heck yes, you should stop worrying. Personally, I think there's a necessary balance that needs to happen... we need to worry about the details enough to make sure we're happy with it (because 50 years from now, it'd be nice to still like our invitations, how the dress looked etc and to look at them without resentment) but we also need to stop worrying when it starts to stress us out too much. When I can't get to sleep at night or I'm too concerned with what others think, that's my cue to stop worrying if I can. Obviously, that's easier said than done.

  2. it is a very overwhelming time- i feel like the to do lists just gets longer. When i start to stress out I remember that no matter what happens with flowers, cake, and tables- the most important part of the day will get done. We will be husband and wife. we will be married.

  3. I definitely think we care more about our wedding than anyone else. We really need to stop worrying what people think, pick things we really like, and focus on the fact that we are marrying people we love. I think you are on the right track. Find that minister, get that contract signed, and you are two steps closer. The decisions you've made have been made — and they will work out regardless. Move on to the next thing.

  4. It is such an overwhelming time! You will get through it. And you should start moving things from your to-do and to-worry-about lists to your "maybe" list, and focus on the things that HAVE to get done (like a minister). Some things on the "maybe" list may ultimately fall by the way-side, but if you don't end up doing them, chances are you will never regret not doing them.

    I always wonder if blogging brides feel even more pressure about their weddings. I hope you don't let it add to your stress that people are following this (and hope by mentioning this I'm not adding to the pressure!). I think all your readers are in it for the experience, to support, etc., not because we expect a certain outcome.