Monday, March 15, 2010

Table Numbers

I'm gonna keep things light this week because it's spring break.  I played around with some table numbers and fonts awhile ago, going with the "numbers on a stick" idea, but using fun fonts.  Both of these are from, a great source for free fonts.  
I love this "Autumn Gifts" font, particularly the corncob one.  

But maybe the leafy font is more appropriate for our nature center wedding.  Maybe we would be better off just picking a signature wedding font and using it for everything to give it a cohesive look.  But I like fonts and variety too much, so, no.  
Do you have a signature font or do you just go with whatever suits your fancy?  


  1. I'm all for breaking rules, so we used a really neat font for our Save the Date cards, and we're using a few different fonts for our wedding invitations.

    Here's to loving variety!

  2. I think I like the second one better.