Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Table Runners

One thing that I've wanted to do since the beginning is do table runners. I would really like to do them in different colors, to break up the tables and make the whole thing just a little more...chaotic? varied? organic? Anyway, to review, our colors are moss green, navy blue, with a splash of cranberry and champagne accents. I like the look of white linens with a colored runner. I was all excited a few weeks ago because I went to Hancock fabrics and found some gorgeous cranberry fabric with white paisley detail and thought it would be great for table runners. But naturally, it's being discontinued, and there wasn't that much of it. I'd like to try to get back to Hancock and buy out their stock, since it came in both cranberry and navy, but I figured I'd look around for some other material too, for variety and so we know we have enough. Then an email came into my inbox from JoAnn Fabrics featuring these prints. I clicked through and found a bunch of great options when before I'd had so much trouble fabric shopping online.
I thought if these were available in colors a little closer to our color scheme, but still coordinated, they might be perfect. Of course, they weren't, but looky what I found!
It also comes in a red, but I like the idea of using this as our "green" table runner and then mixing it up more with the other blues.
There's a green scroll damask, but it's not really the right shade.
And then there is this, which would be the perfect navy runner, save for the fact that it's $7 a yard. But oh man, how great is it for a travel themed wedding? (which we aren't having so it wouldn't work anyway)
I think when Mark's parents come down in a few weeks, we might do some table runner fabric shopping.  The only snag?  We may not be able to have long tables.  (sniff!)  So we would do what Ms. Fancy Pants is doing, using fabric squares to dress up the table and offer some more dimension.
What are your sources for fabric?  Have you found a place that lets you sort by pattern style and color?  Cuz that would be really helpful. 


  1. Haha - I just bought some of that green/gold vine-y fabric to make a quilt! It's just as gorgeous in person. (Incidentally, the quilt also has ivory and navy fabrics in it...I swear I wasn't trying to pick out our wedding colours...)

  2. Sew Mama Sew lets you look by color and pattern style, and they have decent sales, and Crafty Planet lets you shop by pattern style. Best of luck! Do you have a Hobby Lobby nearby? They have had a great selection lately and cotton is 30% off.