Monday, March 8, 2010


I've seen some stuff in the blogosphere lately about timelines for your dating relationship. Something like this:
(from 1000 layer cake)

The problem is though, our "how we met" story isn't that cute. Ours in fact, would go something like this: "How They Met: Ellie's floormate invited her to come meet the boy she had a crush on, Mark something."
"First Date: Giant Grocery Store in College Park, MD to do Mark's grocery shopping for the week."
"First Kiss: Three months before the first date, after said "How they Met" incident. Afterwhich Mark told Ellie to get lost."
"First I Love You: Ellie told Mark she loved him while he was in England and they were broken up. Mark freaked out and sent her a commitment-phobic letter about how he didn't love her. Mark then told Ellie 6 months later on their first backpacking trip. Ellie then freaked out, gave a commitment phobic response, and pretended to go to sleep. A week later, they finally got it right."
"Proposal: One Sunday night, Mark took Ellie to Federal Hill near their house and asked her to marry him."
"Engagement: She responded with, "why?" Eventually she said yes, but it took some convincing."
"Going to the Chapel: Mark and Ellie will be married October 10, 2010 in the woods."
The truth is that since we met in college, we had a college relationship. We stayed over at each other's apartments long before we ever went "out" on a date. Our first kiss real kiss that he actually responded to happened when we were snuggled up in the same bed because I had been sexiled by my roommate. Our first date was to Outback Steakhouse, to use up a gift card that Mark's ex-girlfriend's mom had given him. It was awkward and uncomfortable at times to get used to it, and looking back, we don't really have cute how-we-met stories or tales of our first date, because we didn't date. We were friends, and then we were us. Then he went to England and we weren't us, except that we really still were. Then he came back and we've been us ever since.

So I'm thinking instead of doing a "timeline" to do more of a "by the numbers" approach. Something like:
4 - number of hours it took Ellie to realize she liked Mark
1008 - number of hours it took Mark to realize he liked Ellie
4 - number of sci-fi movies Ellie had to sit through with Mark before she won him over
6 - number of weeks Ellie and Mark dated before he left for England
683 - number of emails exchanged between Mark and Ellie while he was in England
0 - number of people either dated after "breaking up"
6 - number of weeks Ellie and Mark decided to wait before getting back together when he got home
48 - number of hours Ellie and Mark actually waited

Are you doing a relationship time-line or anything?  How are you conveying your "story" to your guests who don't know it?  (It was surprising to realize that a number of our guests only know that we "met in college" and don't know the details.) 


  1. Our story isn't cute either. We met in high school, broke up a thousand times and then finally stuck together for good. Plus, most (if not all) our guests know how we met and the really important people know all the stuff in between, so we're not worried about letting everyone else in on the sticky situation that was our relationship, haha. I like your idea though, I think the numbers is much cuter than the standard time-line.

  2. Number of times I asked her for a date and was rejected 57 (approx)
    Number of months between first date and 2nd- 3
    First kiss, 2nd Date , on a curb in DC (she is a bit shorter)
    Last time I kissed her on a curb, Yesterday (we still look for curbs wherever we go)
    Number of months between first kiss and proposal 6
    Number of months between accepting proposal and being willing to tell anyone 14
    Time since first kiss
    37 Years, 8 Months, and 15 Days

  3. that is so sweet. great idea!

  4. LOL I also said "why" when he proposed.

    I, too, loved this idea but thought our relationship story was too messy to share with all of our guests.

    I LOVE the by the numbers idea. Very cute.

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  6. I like your by-the-numbers idea too. Do it! And I do think your relationship story is cute — but I'm weird like that. There's something about the trajectory of college relationship that resonates with me and will for a lot of people too.

    Mr. Beagle saw the invitation from the couple who were long distance for so long (, and he wants to make our own version of it. He loves the typography. Coincidentally the groom from that wedding made their invites too.

  7. We're sharing details about us and our relationship through multiple choice question cards that will be on each table - rather than people tapping their glasses to get us to kiss, they have to come up to the mic and answer the question. We're going to try and match the question to the people sitting at the table, to make it easier for them to get the answer correct!

  8. oh god, i'm cracking up thinking about what our story would look like if i did this! it would involve vegan potlucks (neither of us are vegan anymore), him pining over me even though we both had girlfriends, sex dreams, me fighting off a raging crush and flirting anyway, petty friendship-ending arguments, myspace-spying, and effing within an hour of seeing each other for the first time in 2.5 years.

    julie & tommy: keepin' it klassy.

  9. I love your by-the-numbers idea! How cute!

  10. Yeah, we aren't doing that. Things began in a complicated way. Plus, and this is not a slam on anyone who chooses something like this, for me, it's a little TMI, even when there is a handy met-cute elaborate-proposal story.

  11. Anything personal seems good to me, I like the timeliness but there are so many ideas without getting into the gory details! Numbers could be good!

  12. The by the numbers is cute! I was going to do a timeline but C and I are really boring. We dated. He moved in. He proposed. We live happily ever after. Shesh.

  13. Number of times Nicole and Daniel have been engaged: 3
    Number of months Nicole and Daniel will have been engaged before getting married: 24 (approx. total)
    Number of years Nicole and Daniel will have been together before getting married: 5.25

    Yeah, this could be problematic for us even though we do have a cute getting together story. Still, it's nice to hear a lot of people are in the same boat!