Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Awhile ago, Miss Guniea Pig on Weddingbee had a post on wanting a pencil edge veil.  Because I love meeting other nearlyweds and also crafting, I offered to help her out.  I have a serger, and knew I could do a pencil edge veil.  I was planning to do one for myself anyway, and I figured it would be an easy to-do item to check off early.  We met up on Sunday at my apartment and I was having some trouble with my Bernina serger. If you have a serger, you know that threading them is a b*tch and a half, and that sometimes they just...hate you.  The solution to my lower looper constantly unthreading was to simply go very slowly.  I also used wooly or bulky nylon in both the upper and lower looper, to contribute to a fluffier rolled edge, but I'm not totally happy with how it came out.  It's good enough though, so we left it. The edge also came out sorta wavy, but in a nice veil like way, not in a weird way.

After I did Miss GP's veil and did the gathering stitch for her to attach it to her comb, I did my own.*  It came out pretty nicely.  I want to add some beading, which was recommended by the shop ladies, because well, outside = windy.  So I will probably tackle that job sometime in the next few months.

Oh, did you want to see what it looked like?  Okay.
(But imagine it bedazzled! And me, looking less like a scared, stressed out law student, because I WON'T BE ONE IN SIX WEEKS!!!!  Wow, sorry.)
No tutorial on this one, because if you have a serger, you know how to do a rolled hem (and there are plenty of "how to cut a veil" tutorials out there),and if you don't have a serger, you are SOL on doing this the way I did.  You can buy a veil on Etsy for way less of a headache.

Then I went to attach it to the comb, which I messed up twice, then did correctly, then decided to take off, rip out the gathering, and regather because I wasn't happy with it, then finally put two and two together and realized (with some help from Miss GP) the key word was "UNDERSIDE" of the comb.  So all you happy veilers, attach the veil to the UNDERSIDE of the comb.  Facing AWAY from the teeth.  I would up stitching mine to a piece of ribbon and hot-gluing it to my plastic comb, but it seems to be pulling off some so it may be time to try some 2-ton epoxy.

A few notes: don't buy wide tulle.  I accidentally bought 108" wide tulle.  Don't do that.  No wider than 60", but if you can get 45, that should be sufficient.  I didn't want much fullness, since I don't have a lot of hair for it to go over.
So I kept it pretty narrow.  I think mine is probably about 30" wide.  (Yes, I hung my pashmina up on the back of the bathroom door for you to see the veil better.) 
The bottom comes down to my waist, but for some reason I think of this as "elbow length". 
And just for fun, what would I look like with the veil draped artfully across my face like in all those fantastic glamour shots

Uh, the answer is stupid. So the veil stays behind the head at all times, and will look pretty great with just a little sparkle from some Swarovski crystals and some pearls and a little beading.  (Plus that will weigh it down, so I can avoid the veil over the face look.

*After eating no fewer than 4 of the brownies she brought us...my dress is never gonna fit.


  1. I am entirely impressed. And I think it looks great.

  2. A-mazing. So cute and it will look dazzling with the beading/sparkles. Sergers can indeed be a b*tch, but you did a great job.

  3. I'm impressed! If I wear a veil, my mom might make it since she sews.

  4. I can't believe you made that! It is so lovely. Great job

  5. I am very impressed at your veil making skills. I was blown away at how expensive veils are! Even the very simple ones are around $50. I solved it by borrowing one from my sister in law, but I would certainly recommend this to others looking for a veil.