Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wedding Day 5k

So I think that ideas like this are just too cool. The problem is that we really don't want to see each other on our wedding day, so organizing a race would probably nix that.

The thing is though, we have a lot of runners in our group - my sister, her husband, one of the groomsmen, five of my hockey teammates who are coming, a couple of my high school friends, a bunch of Mark's friends, 1-2 of my bridesmaids, a bunch of my college friends, etc. They would all probably enjoy partaking in a low-key self-organized 5k race, so I feel like this is a really fun idea. Especially if we had matching t-shirts made that had the race name or awesome pictures of us on them.  However, it would probably involve too much organization.
(Mark, myself, my sister, and my brother in law at the 2008 Baltimore Running Festival)

I've thought about organizing a "Brides Run" (which I will now be calling the Chase to the Chapel and/or the "Get me to the Church on time" race; the wedding happening in the woods notwithstanding) if I can't find a 5k that's happening nearby that weekend, because I think it would be a fun, low-key way to connect with people on the wedding morning and ground myself in the day.  We could have a friend volunteer to stand at the finish line with a stopwatch (it's just not a race otherwise), and I could have my dad stand at the halfway point with water and get bagels and juice boxes for the finish line (or end at the hotel and eat the complimentary continental breakfast).  We could start and end at the hotel, and run around the local mall that is .5 miles from the hotel.  But it's not as fun as doing a real race. 

It's also a great way to blow off steam.  I'm concerned about time-crunch - the wedding is at 3:30, which means getting hair done starting at probably 11 or 12; so the 5k will need to be at 8am (or earlier) and easy to leave from (which means no Race for the Cure.)  8am 5k means done & out by 9am, showered by 10 or 10:30, and then scooting off to the hair salon.  I'm also concerned about what running will do to my pedicure, that we will get done the day before, but I'll be getting a pedicure before Law School Prom and running that weekend, so I'll find out then. 

Oh, and to the nay-sayers? Nobody would tell me to not do yoga on my wedding day, and this will take less time than that.

What do you think? Find a race to run; or organize our own?


  1. Organize your own! I went to a wedding in July that did this, they had hysterical shirts and they had really funny awards. And popsicles, those were awesome. I think you should do it, think about the great memories!

  2. I think you should organize your own! What a great way to blow off steam and center

  3. Why don't you organize one on Saturday since you are getting married on Sunday? It would lift some of the time crunch and you could run with Mark.

  4. I am so all for exercising the morning of the wedding (I am totally working that into the day too), but for me running makes me all flustered and funny looking...and tired....i just want to nap after! Plus that time crunch in the morning...nothing is going to run on schedule that if there's no leeway that could be a bit stressful...rather than relaxing....

    but i would say if you're going to do it organize your own...that way you have control over it.

  5. Cute - you wrote "The problem is that we really don't want to see each other on our wedding day"
    Haha, but I know what you meant.

    This is a great idea! I went to a wedding that organized their own 5K after their morning wedding for whoever wanted to participate. It was a blast. It seems it would be easier to set up your own race rather than get everyone registered and transported to a race that was already organized. I don't know though. Either way I'm not sure how you will avoid seeing each other.

    I'm looking forward to hear what you decide!

  6. Maybe before the post-wedding brunch? Not sure that I want to be up that early the morning after, though. Otherwise if we can squeeze it in on Saturday that would be pretty awesome.

  7. I think you are crazy (but in the good way!)

    I can see it would be too much fuss to organise your own. You have to do it!

    Maybe you could wear masks to avoid seeing each other!!

  8. I vote sat run :-)