Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Armani also does not make Polyester

So, the evolution of the tux-purchasing decision was this:
1) We got engaged.
2) I decided the guys should wear suits because I think rental tuxes are a scratchy polyester racket.
3) I bought a ridiculous dress and realized Mark's good suit I got him for his birthday two years ago wouldn't really look right, so he would have to buy a new suit.  He has a black suit, but I wanted him to have a really nice suit.  (I like fabric.)
4) Mark got asked to be a groomsman in 2 other weddings.  I pointed out he might have to wear a tux for those two other weddings, and therefore might be better off buying one.
5) We discussed wedding plans with Mark's parents.  Mark's dad voted that Mark wears a tux.  This being absolutely the only thing at all that Mark's dad has expressed any kind of opinion on the wedding (to me) about, I gave it a lot of thought.
6) Mark discussed with the other grooms in his life their tux plans.  They were planning to rent or buy tuxes, so purchasing made sense, especially with the Men's Warehouse buy-one-suit-get-one-for-$100.
7) Mark and his friends made plans to go tux shopping.  Then Mark kept getting sent away for work, so we had one free weekend to go shopping before his friend's wedding in mid-May that he will be in.
8) We hit Syms, on Rockville Pike* and were encountered by a grumpy salesman who seemed annoyed that Mark is such a common size they were out of tuxes that fit him, and seemed determined to keep us from appraising the tuxes.  He would literally put Mark in a jacket, then have him take it off.  Mark wasn't able to check it out in the mirror, and I couldn't see it either.
9) We had lunch at Urban Barbecue, which while good, is no Slow's BBQ.**
10) We hit Men's Warehouse.  We realize we were fools to come tux shopping on a weekend during Prom and Wedding Season.  Finally, somebody helps us find the tuxes, where they are cleverly disguised amongst the regular suit section.
11) The wonderful man helping us measures Mark, then finds him a really nice tux.  Sadly, it's a Regular and he needs a Long.  Also, the material is so nice I'm afraid it's the $700 tux I saw online.
12) Salesman leads us to the rack of 41Long tuxes and hands Mark a few options.  I ask about the one we saw in the Regular section and the salesman doesn't see it.
13) Mark tries on a Calvin Klein tux that is $499.  I shrug and say my dress was $500, and he will get more use out of this.  It's pretty good, but pretty good for a lot of money.
14) Mark hunts through the racks again while the salesman helps somebody check in their rental tux.  He finds the original tux, with it's soft luxurious fabric and satiny lapels.
15) He tries it on and choirs of angels start singing.  The hunt is over, victory is ours for only $225, and I am extremely sad when he has to take it off.

We have not actually purchased said tuxedo yet, because we are waiting for his best man to hightail it over to MW to try on tuxes and get one as part of the BOGO sale they have going on.  MW is being great about letting us hold the tux for a week, and overall I was thrilled with the level of service we got there.  They were helpful but not pushy, and very very good about asking Mark if he liked the suit, not asking me if I liked it.

The only problem is now I will be on the hunt for black-tie occasions for Mark to wear his super-handsome tuxedo to.

*to which I drove his stick shift car from Bethesda all the way up the Pike and only stalled once.
**Heather, sometimes I hate you for taking me there because nowhere else is remotely as good!!!!


  1. Wow! I did not realize how close to me you live! Most of the wedding bloggers I read are from someplace mythic called "California"... hearing you talk about Rockville Pike makes me feel like I don't live in obscurity!

    Also, congrats on the stick shift driving success! It's pretty much the opposite for me and my boy- I drive stick, and he doesn't. I should probably get around to teaching him one of these days...

  2. haha that had a lot to do with why I started this blog - so many people were in NY or CA and here we were, in MD, with nobody talking about it.

  3. 1. You said "the Pike." Love it. 2. My little brother is a line cook at Urban BBQ, so I'll let him know his bbq slanging is blog-worthy! 3. To drive a stick-shift car all the way from Bethesda up the Pike is pretty much unheard of. I mean, there's like a billion traffic lights on that thing! Definitely something to brag about. 4. SYMS is a scary place. Have you ever seen the employees protesting outside of the store? 5. $225 is pretty much a steal considering he'll be wearing it at least 2-3 times. Just shows a little effort, patience and hunting goes a LONG way. 6. Happy for you!

  4. oh gawd, it's suit-finding time for us, so i was happy to read this! T has kind of an unusual shape for a guy - super-long torso and a bit thicker through the hips and thighs than average, and so he's been putting it off. maybe we'll check out MW :)

  5. MW sells tux separates if you are looking for a tux; I don't know if they do for suits. Also, look into some of the online custom suit manufacturers - you can get a custom suit for under $300!

  6. We got Mr. Beagle's two suits from Men's Warehouse. I'd loved our experience — they talked to Mr. Beagle about what he though and not just me. And I was sad when he had to take the suit off too, but it was thrilling when he got them back and I could convince him to put one on just for the fun of it. ;)

  7. I need to show this post to my husband. He insists he can only get suits from Hugo Boss or Ben Sherman or Banana's nice label -- and they are expensive!!

  8. I laughed at the title -- that movie was on this past weekend! (And the weekend before, come to think of it . . . )

    I wanted our guys to wear suits, but my guy is dead set on wearing a tux, as is my dad. I think they'll be renting them though . . . which is a shame, seeing as how my guy needs a new suit that fits him. ANYWAY, congrats on the bargain. Don't you just love when that happens?

  9. I may not have been to Slow's since you were here! So sad... (matt brought an out of town visitor there recently though)