Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few of my favorite 'Bees

So, confession time.  I've been reading Weddingbee since 2007.  I discovered it while I was temping at a law firm as a secretary and had a lot of downtime, and I was helping my sister plan her wedding.  I stopped for a little bit shortly after my sister got married, but by then, I knew that we were going to get married soon, and I also wanted to stick around for the recaps of some of my favorite Bees.
Since a lot of you are more newly engaged, I wanted to do a roundup of some of my favorite weddings from Weddingbee. All of these have been mostly or entirely finished.

Mrs. Tiramisu, an Annapolis Bee, got married in Maine, complete with tent, beautiful details, and a rainstorm/power outage story that is the story I return to when I need to be reminded of what really matters.
Mrs. Onion, who convinced me that you could be a short-dress bride without going all sorts of indie.  They had a destination wedding in Burlington, VT, and it's just totally adorable.  There is a parade through the town and everything!
Mrs. Magnolia inspired me to run a wedding day 5k!
Mrs. Lemon was just finishing up her recaps around the time I started reading, and they had similar colors to my sister's scheme, so I took extra special notes. 
Mrs. Pineapple, whose dress I just loved.  I also thought that her clay flowers were really neat, and her "wedding in a week" series was really cute and sweet.
Mrs. Lovebug, who left when Weddingbee was sold to e-harmony, had a lot of sass in her writing, even though I didn't find many of her wedding details to be my style, I liked her sense of humor.
Mrs. Peony had the dress I originally wanted, and her wedding, with the red roses stood out to me as classic elegance. 
Mrs. Cherry Pie. If I could just carbon copy her wedding, I would.

A big part of me wishes that Weddingbee would organize the married Bees by "completed recaps" and "incomplete recaps", just because in going back through some of these weddings, I remembered how much I liked certain brides planning, but they never followed up. At the same time, I understand that after the wedding, wedding burnout hits, or your life gets busy again, or your wedding left a bad taste in your mouth and you don't want to relive it.  Some are concerned about "shaking off the glitter" of the day.  And you can't know how you feel about wedding recaps until you have gone through your wedding.  So although it seems like it would be cruel to call out certain bloggers for never finishing their recaps, it would make the archives much easier for new readers. 

If you are a Weddingbee reader, who are your favorites?


  1. One of my very favorites was Mrs. Hummingbird -- she didn't finish her recaps because she left during the eHarmony fracas, but I loved her wedding. Her husband wrote a few posts about his experience on their wedding morning, and they were just hilarious. What she wrote when she made the decision to leave the site was also really beautiful and sincere.

  2. I found WB when I was googling candle centerpices and came across Lemon's wedding. I'm pretty sure that woman should start a business - she's superhuman and amazing. Peony got married in my hometown, so I'm a little biased.

    Right now I just love reading Scissors - I think she's funny. She actually made me snort coffee while reading at my desk once. Hah!

  3. Mrs. Cowboy Boot's wedding was what got me started reading Weddingbee obsessively, even though I had found the sight beforehand.

    Then one day I decided to go through Mrs. Lemon's recaps since so many people like her and realized that I'd met her before. One of her bridesmaids was my roommate for three years. Small world, huh?

    I didn't realize that bees left when the site got sold to eHarmony. What happened?

  4. Erica, eHarmony doesn't have a great record on gay rights, and their founder has/had some significant connections to groups like Focus on the Family. A few of the writers felt uncomfortable being associated with eHarmony and chose not to write for Weddingbee anymore.

  5. I'm kinda new to the online bride resources, so I didn't really follow Weddingbee, but that one picture of the Tiramisu's singing to each other- cute! I had no idea eHarmony bought it. (I hate their commercials. I have yet to see an interracial couple.) Josh and I met on eHarmony didn't appeal to either of us.

    I remember reading about your wedding day 5K. How's that coming along? If you run in the city, Josh and I will glady make signs and cheer you along! Haha!

  6. I try to avoid the place, but I did love Miss Avacado - I followed her on her own blog though.

  7. The bee was one of the first sites I found. I fell in love with a certain Mrs. Meatball, aka The Broke Ass Bride, who led me to Practical Wedding. I also loved Mrs. Cowboy Boot!