Friday, April 16, 2010

My Wedding Buddy

My wedding buddy has been with us since very early on - in fact, since before either of us had a venue!  It happens that we wound up with the same venue, and like I said before, Mariko has been wonderful about tipping us off to local resources and vendors, and she checks in just to make sure I'm still sane.
Anyway, she's getting married tomorrow and I'm so excited for her and Jeff!

Do you have a wedding buddy?


  1. That's really cool.

    I have a very different sort of wedding buddy. We were friends in college and became wedding buddies before either of us was engaged (there was much trying on of wedding dresses). Our weddings are going to be very different, but we're both pretty young, and she's the only friend I have who's my age who is getting married (or even in a steady, long-term relationship practically). It's been really nice to have SOME help from someone I know.

  2. Oh, wow! Wedding tomorrow! How fun! Congrats to your wedding buddy.

    I have a girlfriend getting married in October in Northern MD and one getting married in May in San Diego. We've been keeping each other motivated via email, but that's about it. They're always helpful and supportive. I would say my biggest wedding buddy is Josh, which is good and bad. Being buddies and planning the same event together can be confining. Sometimes it's nice to get a perspective of someone who is planning their own wedding.

    p.s. Used your tip and did a few posts for a rainy day. Thanks!

  3. That's so fun that you have a wedding buddy.

  4. How fun! Congratulations to them! I don't have a wedding buddy yet but I do have an awesome friend who is married for a few years now and *really* digs weddings. She is always game for some wedding chit chat :-)