Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To those that worry that saying "buy a red dress" will look bad

I say, check this out:

(via Once Wed)
This was the kind of look I initially pictured for our bridesmaid dresses.* Casual, easygoing, fun. The thing is though, you have to have the right kind of bridesmaids - bridesmaids who don't really want to be bridesmaids.  My bridesmaids are so good at being bridesmaids that I think that I will hire them out as professional bridesmaids from now on.  They are sanity-saving, totally flexible, and genuinely thrilled to be in the wedding, and they want the full-on "bridesmaid experience" - the matching dresses, the fancy hairdos, the manicures.  I can't blame them - I also enjoy the full-on "bridesmaid experience".

Since my girls are all so busy and I was worried that we couldn't all get together, I thought about just saying, "buy a green dress."  At least six people told me that "you can only do 'just buy a dress in X color' if it's black" or "well, they have to be from the same line or fabric, or they just won't 'look right'".  Although I never really believed that, I'm pretty sure it would have caused way too much stress for my bridesmaids to deal with, and they would have been very concerned over whether the dresses looked right together, even if I wasn't.  Since the whole point of saying "buy a red dress" would have been to avoid the stress, it wouldn't have made sense.  But if you or your bridesmaids are the type to simply show up in a red dress, I say, go for it!

Since we found bridesmaids' dresses in a single day that only had a minor amount of tension (between me and the shopgirl, not between any of my girls), the point is moo. Regardless, print out this picture and show it to people that tell you that "it will look bad" if you really do want to do "just buy a red dress."  Or better yet, employ my "lie" strategy and tell them that you've picked dresses and you want them to be a surprise. Then, won't they be surprised when it doesn't look bad?

*Of course, then I bought a princess cupcake dress which upped the ante on our whole wedding and now the bridesmaids are wearing long dresses and the groom is going to be wearing a tux. I feel like such a sell-out.


  1. I love it. I am doing the just wear a black dress thing, but this proves a color works just as well.

    And you are not a sell-out. Please knock that out of your brain.

  2. i told my bridesmaids to just "buy a dark blue dress" and they all rebelled. haha they wanted me to "just pick a dress" and make it easy for them. when we ended up changing the whole affair from suits & mason jars to black tie optional (**you're not the only "sell out"**) long coordinating bridesmaid dresses were the way to go for us.

  3. @Sara, haha, I told my girls to pick a dark blue dress too, and now I wish I would have just given them the exact one to wear! They are so concerned over picking the dress. I think in the end they will be happy though. A couple who are in school are just borrowing dresses to avoid the cost.

    Ellie, thanks for posting this because I have had so many people tell me the blue dress thing won't work, and I've just been nervously hoping it will! Here's some proof!