Thursday, April 15, 2010

What does your calendar look like?

So Miss Guniea Pig's post on her and Mr. GP's google calendar made me laugh.  Then it made me go look at our calendar.  It's pretty funny, because Mark and I have calendars we use for all kinds of stuff.  I have a race/running calendar I share with my running buddies, my entire family shares calendars, and we have a household chores calendar and a wedding planning calendar. 
So here is our calendar for our wedding day:
The green calendar is Mark's calendar; the orange is my running buddy's race calendar, purple is my sister (who is clearly the most psyched for the big day), and yellow is my Dad.  The blue is obviously our "chores" calendar, and I can safely say those are getting skipped.  The wedding planning calendar is purple, and here's the thing.  Not only are the times wrong, my future husband is the one that put them on there.  That's right.  I have not penciled in my own wedding.  Oh dear. 

Better get on that.  And delete the chores. 


  1. What?! You are no future Stepford wife if you can't keep up with your chores. I mean, it's just your wedding day. What if people come over and see DUST?!!! ;)

  2. I love that you have all those calendars. We are hopeless with calendars and diaries.

  3. Thats right I'm psyched for the big day! :-) Shouldn't our hair appointments be on the schedule already? :-P

  4. Excuse me, you think your house is going to clean itself? You best leave those chores on the to-do list!
    I am super impressed with all your organizational calendar skills - and as long as someone's got your wedding on the calendar, you'll probably remember, right? ;)