Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another argument for pro photos

As I said before, on Monday, I graduated from law school.  (Thank you for all your congratulations, btw. It really means a lot.)  After graduation, we lined up out front of the law school to take some pictures of the proud parents of the graduate.  I didn't really think about how extremely sunny it was - I picked a good spot in front of the building and the trees.  (Note: direct sunlight is horrible. Go for shade!!)  The result?

My sister complained that my cap made shadows on my face, so I told her to use the flash.  Result?  The photos all look like the photo on the left - extremely over-exposed.  I was able to do some recovery with my beta 2 copy of Lightroom 3, but I wish I'd had the sense to take the pictures in the shade.  I was so sad when I pulled 200 pictures from 4 different cameras and pretty much none of them look good straight out of the camera.

Fortunately, we don't have to worry about this for the wedding because I know that Kiersten knows what she is doing and we will have beautiful pictures.

I know that a lot of people don't go with pro photographers and that's totally fine.  I'm not telling you that it won't work out, or that you should immediately spend thousands of dollars on photography.  You do have to think more about pictures if you are working with non-pros.  First of all, make sure your non-pro does know about photography and, most importantly, lighting.  (note: I consider myself pretty camera-savvy - enough to try to use fill flash - but I still didn't think to move when my sister commented on the poor lighting.)  If you are using a non-pro friend, consider scouting the location first and doing some test shots to make sure you've picked good locations for portraits - it really makes a huge difference.

I also love looking back through my pictures and my friends pictures from graduation because the day really went by so fast - I felt like one minute I was scurrying up the street trying not to miss the bus, and the next minute they were calling my name to cross the stage and receive my hood, and the next minute we were back out on the plaza in front of the school, taking pictures and hugging.  I love that I have pictures to use to relive the day, and that makes me even more secure in our decision to hire a professional.

Has anything happened in your life that makes you more confident in your wedding spending decisions?


  1. I agree about the professional photographer... it was *very* high on our list. One of the biggest things that validated that feeling was countless friends who said they "hated" their wedding pictures and wished they spent their money in different ways. The last thing I want for our wedding day is to be disappointed in how we choose to preserve those memories.

  2. NOTHING makes me happy about my spending decisions. And yet on I merrily go.

  3. I just think you both look fabulous