Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ANOTHER checkmark.

The Knot's checklist has totally been my b!tch lately. Minister? Check. Groom's attire? Check. And then there was the big one. The one that took months, and I won't be writing much about until August (sorry!). Invites got checked off last week.

Originally, the plan wasn't to DIY the invites. Because DIYing invites is how marriages end before they start. It is how you get Too Much control over your invitations. However, once I found the invites we are using off of Printable Press, I was sold. DIY it was, because that was the only option. So I set out to find a printer. I got quotes and samples from several online sources, but nobody would print with the matte finish that we needed on 100% recycled paper like we wanted. Any local large-scale printer didn't do small runs like ours and they had setup charges that priced them well out of our $200 invite budget.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that we would just need to get them printed at a copy shop. But none of the local copy shops carried the kind of paper we wanted to print on. So I started to shop for paper. After several searches through the recommended paper sites, as well as a trip to paper source*, I finally found what we were looking for - recycled white cardstock with a linen finish. Bonus: Paperandmore.com has flat rate shipping and carried recycled card stock for the backing, as well as cardstock that was the right shade of green to use on our escort cards later. They also sold envelopes (although they aren't recycled).

We're somewhat crunched for time, what with the invite stuffing happening on Saturday and us potentially not having the invite until four days beforehand, plus however long it takes to copy and cut the invites, but regardless, I got to check the "invites: ordered" box off The Knot's website. I'm not even afraid to go there anymore because I'm SO ON TOP of my checklist.**

Are you on top of your checklist? Or has it swallowed you whole?

*Overpriced and disappointing. Don't believe the hype.
**I suppose I should say "our checklist" but actually, our checklist is in the form of an email we send back and forth each month with this month's to-dos and the overdue to-dos. It's really good for ignoring things you don't want to think about, because you don't put them on the list.


  1. I've been checking things off left and right lately and it feels so good! I'm just trying really hard to get as much done as I can now, even if it doesn't need to be done yet. The less I have to do 1-2 months out, the better.

  2. I'm an ignorer of the checklist. Ignore, ignore, ignore. It's not even that I'm scared of the stupid thing, it's just that some to-dos are not getting done in the order that we "need" to do them. And more than half of the things on the list are overdue. Pish posh, I say. It'll all work out in the end.

    (Won't it???)

  3. I am so down with eclpse on this one.

    We have numerous lists, but don't use them. Not sure why. I think we're a little scared, but mostly we're taking care of things in such a weird, random order the lists aren't working so much right now. I'm sure that in the next couple of months we'll be using our lists more as we start to round up the finishing touches.

  4. Hate the knot checklist - big style.

    Glad you got the invites done!