Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Craft day teaser pic

So I'm not going to write about everything we did at craft day, because I read an interesting article about not sharing everything about the wedding.  But on Saturday, we got our invites put together, OOT bag tags made, made serious headway on the placecards, put together our table numbers, and learned that you should not pour lighter fluid over hot coals and then attempt to relight them.

Saturday was dollar flip flop day at Old Navy.  I hadn't really been planning to do the flip flop basket until I heard about it being dollar flip flop day.  Because I already had plans to stay at a friend's place that is not more than a mile from ON.  And since my friends were there, they could come with me and then we could buy 20 pairs of flip flops, which I decided was enough.  So we got up on Saturday around 9 and I found out the store had opened at 7.  We scurried over and purchased 20 pairs of flip-flops in varying sizes - mostly 7s and 8s, but a few 6s and 9s.  Plus, since I knew it was craft day, I knew we could take care of labeling them and putting them together in a cute way and it wouldn't be hanging over my head.  I've been so fiendishly checking things off the list lately that I was eager to get at least one DIY project fully completed. 

My sister, creative master of all things stamping, made these gorgeous little tags and then wrote the size numbers in each of them.  We used ribbon I already had and cardstock left over from the invitations, so the whole thing only cost $20.  I also picked up from the newlywed Mrs. Guinea Pig several baskets which will hold our flip-flops at the reception.  I paid her $10 for the baskets and several other things, so maybe we'll say $25.  Plus, I got flip-flops in sizes that I knew my bridesmaids were, for the most part, so if nobody uses them, they'll just take them home.


  1. I missed Dollar Flip Flop Day?! WAHHH!

  2. oooh i'm so curious about your article. please share? email me? littlemissroughit AT gmail. woo hoo, thanks!