Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cylburn Arboretum (teaser)

After dropping Ellie off at her bar review class this morning*, I headed towards Druid Hill Park for a run. Along the way, though, I saw a sign for Cylburn Arboretum and, on a whim, decided to check it out, since the "Arb" in Ann Arbor was one of Ellie's favorite places to run last summer. Aside from the run itself**, the mansion house and nearby garden areas looked like a pretty spot for a wedding. I don't know anything about their rates or capacity, but it seems worth checking out if you're an outdoorsy, nature-y type. I think they've recently reopened (okay, very recently!) after doing some construction work - they have a new driveway and parking area, and a brand-new visitor center (which hadn't opened for the day yet when I was there).

My family will be in town next weekend (along with our photographer), and typically when we hang out we like to go somewhere for a walk, so I'll be suggesting the arboretum so Ellie (and Kiersten!) can get some photos and I can do some research while the visitor center is open. Has anybody been there / been to a wedding there / know anything more about the place?

* That's right, class on a Sunday - and Saturday too. Fortunately this class only runs for about a week; the class that will go all summer and keep her from posting as frequently as usual is "only" five nights a week.

** The run was slightly frustrating - their trails aren't that well signed, occasionally dwindle off into the brush, and could use some maintenance; I'm considering volunteering to provide that service.


  1. My fiance and I looked at Cylburn as a possible venue. You can rent either the mansion or Vollmer center for receptions, and they also allow rental of garden areas for ceremonies or tented receptions. The Mansion is on the smaller side (75 people), and Vollmer has a big ballroom with floor to ceiling windows that seats 120-150 with a dance floor. They said usually the tented receptions are in a space next to the mansion, so you rent the mansion and that garden. It's $3000 for Vollmer or $2000 for the Mansion, plus $500 for a garden. Hope that helps!