Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four Bobby Pins

Today's tip is brought to you by my good friend Erin.  Erin always looks great when we go to events together, what with her shiny hair and stellar sense of style.  
Ignore the silly face she's making in this picture and check out her hair.  I love the full volume she gets, and it looks fancy but not overdone.  Since I know some of you do not have the money or desire for pro-beauty, I'm going to pass along Erin's tip for fabulous event hair.
(Ignore the fact that every picture I take of anybody ever is while they are closing their eyes.)
The secret to great event worthy hair?  Four bobby pins.  I've used this several times and it's totally awesome.  Just pull back your hair in sections (starting at the top) and then bobby pin it to the back of your head.  It stays in place for hours if you do it right, and you can fancify the bottoms with a curling iron.  Scunci now makes no-slip-grip bobby pins, so you can have great hair all day without having to shellac anything too.  

This is also a great tip for bridesmaids who can't afford the fancy up-dos but still want to look nice.  I find it especially handy as a girl with shorter hair - when I try to pull my hair back into a half-up-half-down do with a ponytail holder, I look really silly and the ponytail is tiny.  With this style, I look put together.  

Just don't ask me how she gets it so shiny.  That, I can't tell you.  

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