Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Wisdom

So Morgan from Team Practical summed up pretty much anything I ever felt about my grandfathers dying and our wedding*,

"When Meg posted my plea for advice in January, many people mentioned moving up the wedding date, or trying to involve my father in the plans as much as possible.  That just didn’t work for us.  Partially because up to the week before he died, my mother was sure that he would make it, and partially because I got the feeling that he knew he wouldn’t, and in his mind I was already married.  He lived long enough to meet my husband and to see me happy, and for that I am ever so grateful.  As David said, “I’d like to make a toast to a man who, although I only got to know for a very brief time, always made me feel welcomed into his family. A man who so clearly wanted to have something to talk with me about he started reading the sports section and watching Flames games on TV. A man who, although he won’t get to see Morgan and I as husband and wife, very clearly approved of me marrying his daughter. A man who, for the last few months before his passing no longer referred to me as David but rather, ‘Morgan’s Hubby’.”"  

Shortly after my father's father died, I told Mark that I had to marry him because he had met my Grandpa and I just couldn't imagine spending my life with somebody who hadn't known him.  (This isn't really true, the reality was I couldn't imagine spending my life with anybody but Mark at this point anyway.)  But there is still something very satisfying about the fact that my grandfathers lived long enough to meet my husband and to see me happy. 

*I've been missing my mother's father a lot lately, mostly because I had this fleeting moment where I thought, "I could build my own letterpress!" And then I thought of the only other person in the world who I could have asked to build me my own letterpress.  Who I could have called and he would have said, "oh, one of those things? I already have one.  I built it for funsies."


  1. My dad's dad was just given three months to live. Obviously he's not going to make it to my wedding. But we expect his death will come just before my cousin's wedding in September. And yes, it's nice that he's had the chance to meet both Mr. Beagle and my cousin's fiance.

    I expect that her wedding is going to be very emotional for our family. Both hard to deal with the loss and very uplifting.

  2. <3 I'm sure your grandfathers were happy to have met Mark, too.

  3. Best prospective son-in-law moment with Ruth's dad was out on the boat. He had the anchor line tied in a knot. I found a thimble and while he tinkered with the engine I worked an eye splice around the thimble. Similar photo at http://www.katiekat.net/Cruise/Cruise2003EPhotos/ThimbleEyeSplice.jpg
    Ed looked at me and said: Well I can see you didn't waste all of your time in law school !!
    I miss him too

  4. I so wish I could have met Mr B's real Dad. I'm glad your Grandpa got to meet your hubby too.