Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Friend-or booked

Back in March, I spent a brief amount of time looking into pricing makeup artists.  Considering we had found a florist that cost significantly less than we thought it would, and my hair would cost less than I thought it would, I thought maybe with some creative googling, I could find a makeup artist.

Well, no such luck.  I'm just painfully cheap when it comes to having somebody else put stuff on my face.  $20 seemed like a lot to spend, so $75 was out of the question. So I did the next logical thing - I emailed my bridesmaid, L.  L. used to do my hair and makeup for college events, and it always looked good.  L. promised to do my (and anybody else's) makeup and also come makeup shopping with me.  We made a quick trip to Ulta and talked about style, and she recommended I look into foundations, etc. and see what would work well for my hyper-sensitive skin, and we would go back in the summertime.

On Sunday morning, we went out to take our e-pics and my bridesmaids had spent the night the night before because my graduation party was on Sunday after the pictures.  Right before we left, I remembered I wasn't wearing any makeup, and dumped the entire contents* of the makeup into L.'s lap and said "pretty me now!!! please!!!!"  L. got to work and ten minutes later, I looked like this:

L. explained to Kiersten and Mark's sister that when I do my own makeup, particularly eye makeup, especially eye liner, I look, well, cheap.  Having done my own makeup for my cousin's wedding last weekend, she's totally right.  When L. did my makeup though, I felt gorgeous all day.  I felt seriously pretty - which is how I want to feel on our wedding day, so I'm thrilled that she can do that.

The lessons I took away from this, which I will continue practicing in the meantime, are that white eyeshadow is key and should go in the corner of your eyes, and that eyeliner should be applied to the outside corner of your eyes and smudged by somebody who isn't a klutz.  Oh - and smile, then apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.  It looks way better than my trying-to-follow-my-cheekbones method.

We're going to go shopping for new makeup soon, so does anybody have recommendations for lightweight but long-lasting foundation that doesn't make your skin break out?  Also, for anybody who is having a bridesmaid do their makeup, any suggestions for sequencing? I'm thinking that my sister and L. will go first for hair, and do their makeup while I get my hair done, and then L. will do my makeup while the other two BMs get their hair done.  Can the other two bridesmaids do makeup first and then get their hair done? Because that might work too....

*one foundation, one blush, some finishing powder, four eye shadows, a mascara, and some eyeliner. Oh, and a brush.  To which L. said, "uh, we're getting you new brushes. This is crap."


  1. I don't wear very much makeup or know much about it, but my favorite products have been from Benefit. They're lightweight and they have some sweet shimmery stuff that will give you a great glow. (Haha.. I hate that I'm talking about this like I'm a pro.)

    I love this:

    And I use this and mascara just about everyday:

  2. I've heard great things about Makeup Forever Face and Body, Revlon Colorstay, and Estee Lauder Doublewear Light for longevity and light coverage -- though I'm not sure how they are in terms of sensitivity and potential for breakouts.

    But your makeup looked terrific in the engagement pics, so maybe you don't need to change much?

  3. She did a great job. I don't wear makeup often so I have no helpful suggestions! Sorry

  4. I also have hyper-sensitive skin (and eyes, which makes eyeliner and mascara fun) ... and I've had the best luck with Smashbox. I'm a big fan of using eye powders over creams, and theirs last all day, and have a fantastic range of colors. I also LOVE their Photo Finish Light primer ... it's great to use in place of heavier moisturizers!

    You look lovely, btw!

  5. She did an awesome job on your makeup and it was so natural which I really loved and appreciated for your photos! You looked like your beautiful self but really really "glowing!" I think this style is excellent for a wedding day look! xoxo

  6. I've got super sensitive skin and am a big fan of Clinique's SuperFit foundation, it's got great coverage and blends well with your fingers. I use 1/3 foundation 2/3 sunscreen or 50/50 with moisturizer to make it more sheer for everyday ware and the same bottle has lasted me 2 years!

    Almay's Clear Complexion is my powder of choice for setting my makeup, or for being really lazy and wanting to spend just a few seconds to even out my face before heading out the door. The bigger the brush, the better, though it comes with a useless puff. This one only lasts ~4-6 months, but I wear it almost every day to keep the oilies at bay.

    Magical makeup hint: you can ask for a sample of almost any product at Sephora and they'll give it to you in a tiny little pot, just big enough to hold 5 advil, or 2 applications of moisturizer.